Federal Government


Thecurrent US presidential elections have brought about several issuesrelating to the American citizens. The biggest problem in the debateis the state of the economic growth. The United States of America isgradually decreasing in its rate of economic growth primarily due tothe reduction in the numbers of hours that the labor force work. Theeconomic growth rate between 1950 and 2014 was at 3.3% while theestimated growth rate from 2015 to 2025 is expected to be about 2.1%(Hacker &amp Pierson, 69). These figures are as a result of thedecrease in birth rates leading to fewer workers.

Thetax is another issue under debate. The current revenue system doesnot fully implement the tax collected to be used for several programssuch as healthcare and social security. Thus, all the money raised isnot utilized in a simple and efficient manner that can benefit the UScitizens. The next president should be able to resolve the tax codein a way that will help the people (Benoit, 2016).

Thefederal debt that has grown from 35% to 74% of the GDP since 2007 isanother issue being debated. The interest incurred on borrowing tosubsidize the debt is constantly on the rise. It is predicted that by2017, the US government would be spending over 300 billion USD justto finance the national debt (Hacker &amp Pierson, 69). If thegovernment does not resolve the issue quickly, the next option willbe to increase the amount of tax leading to more problems for theAmerican citizens.

Healthstill plays an important debate discussion in the election race. Themain concern is the creation of an affordable health care systemwhile still ensuring that the sector does not collapse. The twocandidates have to find a correct way of adjusting the Obamacare andensuring it functions in a manner that does not affect the people northe national budget adversely (Benoit, 139).

Defenseis another agenda that is addressed by the presidential candidates.The United States of America seeks to protect its citizens as well asthe people of the world. The issue of concern is the method used tohandle the rise of extremist groups like ISIS that threaten worldpeace (Hook, 2016). The next president of the US has to provideviable solutions that can resolve the problem.

Controlof the financial system is another aspect that is greatly discussed.The American government must be able to protect its citizens frompotential financial crises like the one in 2008. Since that disaster,several regulations have been enacted to cushion the American peoplefrom potential catastrophes. However, these regulation bodies have tobe coordinated to ensure that they all operate under the same mandateand program (Hacker &amp Pierson, 69).


Thecurrent foreign policy that faces the United States is defense. Theextremist group known as ISIS has grown in power through the forcefuloccupation of territory and capital. Given time, this group will posea significant hazard not only to the nearby nations but the US aswell (Hook, 2016). The group has evolved and proved to be a threatbecause of the number of countries that have been attacked. Suchcountries include Yemen, Libya, France, etc. (Shane, et al. 2014).The government has to create a tactical army that will eliminate thethreat ultimately. The Government should also form allies withcountries that have been affected by ISIS and eradicate them from theface of the earth.

Adomestic issue that needs to be addressed is the current violencebetween the minority ethnic groups and law enforcement. There havebeen several claims of mistreatment on the black community frompolice officers. Such cases have led to the current rise in violencethat has killed several law enforcement officers. The government hasto find a way of calming the situation and ensuring that the policedepartment is strictly monitored so that cases of police brutality nolonger occur (Hook, 2016). The government should also emphasize andencourage equality in justice among people of different races. Thecolor pigmentation should not determine the rights a person shouldhave.


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Federal Government


Followingthe shootings of two black youths within two days in the US,protestors took to the streets in a nationwide demonstration againstthese actions. However, in Dallas, shootings began disrupting thepeaceful march. In the end, five officers were slain and severalothers injured. This scenario sparked an increase in violence againstlaw enforcement and a few weeks later three Baton Rouge officers wereshot dead in an ambush (Allen, 2016). This increase in violence hasraised serious concerns. This essay looks into the possible causes ofthe violence, offers practical solutions and suggests whether thefederal government can help curb it.

Reasonsfor the Conflict

Themain reason that has escalated this dispute leading to the death ofseveral law enforcement officers is the apparent racial harassmentfrom the police force. There have been many reported cases of unarmedblack youths gunned down yet no public action has been taken. Thissituation was a simmering pot that was bound to pop its lid. Theaffected groups continued to feel oppressed in their country leadingto the delusional ones to take matters into their hands. The violencethat was done to the police officers, although unjustifiable, was aform of retaliation (Allen, 2016).

Anothercause for this extreme violence is the lack of significant actionstaken by the current government. Many have lost their loved ones intheir neighborhoods, and while the government has regularly declareda thorough investigation would be carried out, nothing much has beenachieved. This inaction led further deterioration of the relationshipbetween the black community and the police officers. All thedemonstrations that were carried out seemed to have no significance,and this situation resulted in the frustration that may have fueledthe carnage (Smith, 2014).

Policeofficers on patrol lack complete oversight. Several bills have beenpassed through congress whereby every officer on duty was required towear a body camera. However, these protocols are yet to beimplemented. Thus, whenever there is an incident such as a person isgunned down by a law enforcement officer, there is no physical proofto show whether the officer was justified to discharge their firearm.This situation angers the affected communities even further sincethey have witnessed severally police officers getting away withshooting unarmed civilians. Such reasons make others decide to fightfire with fire, hence, more bloodshed (Smith, 2014).

Solutionsto the Conflict

Thefirst solution to this problem would be to create stringent oversightfor police officers while in the field. Law enforcement personnelshould be required to have a body camera whenever they are on patrol.Every decision and action they make will be recorded to remove anydoubt whenever there is an issue about a specific officer’sbehavior while discharging their duties. These rogue members of theforce will have to toe the line since every move they make will berecorded (Saligari &amp Richard, 84).

Anationwide public awareness campaign should be carried out educatingthe US citizens about the value of life and how everyone has to worktowards preserving it. This campaign should involve both civiliansand members of the police. Racial awareness must also be part of thisprogram. No group, race or culture should be made inferior to others.Everyone should be taught to see each other as equals with the samerights provided in the Constitution. The different police precinctsshould also create an outreach program that involves the community.This step will be towards rebuilding the relationship between thecivilians and the force. They can achieve this status by seeking thehelp of various known civil rights activists who can help them reachthe people (Saligari &amp Richard, 86).

Thefederal government should have stricter laws on gun control. Eventhough some groups feel they have the right to bear arms, it isappalling when one realizes that the United States is leading in theworld statistics as the country with the most cases of gun violence.For one to be able to own a gun, they must first pass severalbackground checks and psychological evaluations. All these strategieswork on ensuring that guns are removed from the streets and likelyunstable individuals (Smith, 2014).

Sincemost laws that affect the entire country are passed by the federalgovernment, I feel that it should get involved. In this case, afederal law that applies to all states within the country has to beenacted. This law should focus on the operations of the policeespecially the need to always have a body camera while on duty. Toguarantee that this law is followed, a few representatives from thefederal department can be posted in all the states to ensure that thelegislation and protocols passed are being implemented (Smith, 2014).This oversight will help all the police precincts to operate asrequired and will ensure that there are no irregularities that mightspark more violence. With time, once all police departments begin tofunction smoothly, the excess supervision can then be removed.Thorough investigations should also be conducted by the InternalAffairs in the instances where an officer is involved in a shooting(Smith, 2014). If the accused police officer is guilty of a crime,the penalty should be severe to discourage others from doing thesame.


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