English 201




  1. In the course of my learning experience, during the semester, I learned how to plan, organize, and structure different types of formal communication. Specifically, I learned to write letters and memos, proposals, procedure and policy briefs, and short and long reports. I also learned how to make complex information easy to understand through editing and revising.

  2. Before the Eng 201 course, my writing skills were relatively well-developed. However, after my course, I could articulate my ideas both practically and concisely. I also learned to communicate, in writing, in diverse business situations.

  3. Although I imbibed a significant portion of the formatting ideas that I was exposed to, I need to work on writing lengthy reports because they require familiarity with numerous formatting techniques.

  4. The skills that I gathered in my Eng 201 course will help me write my University application essay. My university application essay will be well-researched and full of fresh ideas, as a result.

  5. I found textbooks and instructional materials relatively easy to use. However, information from the peer review sources and the discussion board was relatively difficult to use, and, in some occasions, not very insightful.

  6. If the class required me to meet my tutor via chat sessions, I would avail myself since some of the course materials were very technical and required guidance. In the same vein, if the chat sessions were optional, I would still attend for reasons similar to the before-mentioned.

  7. I would have enjoyed viewing face-to-face video recordings of the areas in the course that I found difficult to comprehend. However, I would not view the records of the areas I found easy to understand.

  8. I found learning the various formal writing styles confounding since I could not consult my tutor directly. Most of these writing styles, for instance, writing a proposal, were new to me. The greatest reward, however, is that I will use the knowledge I acquired from my course to add value to my writing in the future.