Elements of Poetry

Elementsof Poetry


Thepoem entitled, “Icould not Stop for Death”by Emily Dickenson has the elements of both symbolism and allegory.The poem is however viewed as an allegorical poem because it uses anarrative to describe the persona’s life as seen in the entire poemand is consistent throughout the whole piece. She describes death asa kind gentleman taking her on a journey to her death in a carriageride. In real life circumstances, death is not described in apleasant manner and thus she tries to show that she has accepted whatfaces her. The metaphor in use is that life has a beginning and anend. The significance of lines 9-12 and 17-20 is to show how lifegoes through its course. The poem begins slowly but moves faster asyou read on then it slows down towards the end to signify completionof the journey.

‘Towhom it may concern’ by Sonia Sanchez, is a poem that uses slang tobring out the illusion of what the writer wants to put across to thereader. The use of syntax in word arrangement is seen to bring lifeinto the poem. The spelling of words in her poem seems similar to howa narrator would sound them out for instance ‘ima gonna stake youout’ and thus the reader can hear the narrator’s voice.

Thedominant meter in Anne Sexton’s poem ‘Her Kind’ is an iambictetrameter meaning that the poem has four stressed and fourunstressed units on average per line whereby the second syllable isstressed. However, there are lines that have more than the eightsyllables in a tetrameter. A chorus kind of sensation is broughtabout by the repetition of certain lines such as ‘I have been herkind’ and this keeps the poem flowing. Caesura is evident when thereader is made to stop mid-line and enjambment is when the reader hasto continue reading but with increasing speed.

LangstonHughes in the poem ‘I Too’ emphasizes on the inclusion of selfand self-pride through the use of iambs and anapest, trochees anddactyls. For instance, in the lines ‘I, too’ stresses on ‘I’mean self and stresses on ‘too’ mean total inclusion. Words like‘am’ and ‘me’ are emphasized to show strength in the person.


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