Elements of Poetry Part One

Elementsof Poetry: Part One

Elementsof Poetry: Part One

InBrowning’s poem ‘My Last Duchess’, a sinister tone is depictedin the Duke’s attitude as he talks of his late wife as if she wereproperty ‘That’s my last Duchess, painted on the wall’. Thereis also a sense of anger and resentment as he gives an account of hiswife yet the description he gives is meant to be a compliment forinstance, ‘Oh sir, she smiled, no doubt, whenever I passed her butwho passed without much the same smile?’ His remarks show somesinister motives and tend to imply he had something to do with hislate wife’s demise ‘This grew I gave commands then all smilesstopped together.’

Denotationand connotation of the word ‘daffodils’ in Rev. WilliamWordsworth’s poem ‘I wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ is evident forinstance when he denotes the daffodil as a yellow buttercup flower.The word is used symbolically when he says ‘When all at once I sawa crowd, a host of golden daffodils’. They are like little yellowpeople and thus he symbolically connotes them as people by lines suchas ‘dancing in the breeze’.

Elizabethuses white imagery repeatedly to signify innocence. In her piece‘First Death in Nova Scotia’, a child is used to show to show herview of the funeral. She describes the child as viewing the corpse as‘all white like a doll’ and coffins as ‘little frosted cake’.Her use of white imagery sends a chilling sensation to the reader tosome extent.

Theuse of metaphors in Shakespeare’s ‘Shall I compare thee to asummer’s day’ is seen from the title itself where he compares hislove to the beauty and ambience summer brings around showing that hislove is in one way or another greater than nature. However, in ‘MyMistress eyes are nothing like the sun’ he still uses metaphors butin an opposite way for instance when he says ‘Coral is far more redthan her lips’. How he expresses his view of his lover is satiricalin nature as it sounds less of a compliment but it does not mean thathe loves her any less.


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