Dr. Sebi Eat to Live

Dr.Sebi: Eat to Live

Dr.Sebi: Eat to Live

Dr.Sebi believes in electric foods. He presumes they can prevent andcure illnesses like cancer and diabetes. He also advocates forbotanical supplements in countering the symptoms of these conditions.The basis is clearing the human body off some excessive mucousthrough consumption of healthy foods. He claims that mucous providesa conducive environment for the development of diseases (Fuhrman,2003).

Thedoctor advises that the starch contained in grains and the traces ofblood in meat are the primary causes of the clogging effect in thebody. A body with lots of acid will create some toxic mucous thatcongests in the systems leading to inflammations. He also providesthat alkalinity in the body is instrumental for vitality. Therefore,consuming a less acidic diet is beneficial to one’s health(Fuhrman,2003).

Dr.Sebi takes further discussion that fasting is a recommended form ofdetoxification. He also proposes botanicals detoxification assuitable for cell and mineral replacement in the body. According tothe scientist, people lose appetite when they start taking botanicalsupplements because they nourish the cells. Some of the vegetablesthat the doctors consider as appropriate for detoxification includeavocados, garbanzo beans, mushroom, lettuce, okra, cucumber, andgreen bananas. Dr. Sebi also recommends some fruits including apples,cherries, grapes, papayas, seeded melons, plums and mangos. Headvises clients to take herbal teas such as allspice, ginger, aniseand chamomile. He also recommends some oils and nuts for healthimprovement (Fuhrman,2003).

Inconclusion, various scholars agree on the foods proposed as healthyfor the body by doctor Sebi. Consuming fruits and vegetables can be aviable method of detoxification. Also the use of botanicalsupplements reenergizes the cells and replaces the depleted minerals.


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