First,by analyzing the two drafts you will notice that they have differentheadings. The first draft is titled “whohas the better burger?”and the second one “whohas the healthier burger,”which is specific and concise.

Anotheraspect that is different from the two drafts is the in-text citation.The first draft quotes information without citation, but the seconddraft gives credit to the source.

Moreover,the first draft plainly uses words to express its arguments while thesecond one uses both graphs and words. This makes the information inthe second draft easier to read and understand as data is comparable.

Afterreading the Annlee’s drafts, I realized there was some informationin the first paragraph that I did not cite, “the pound of flesh.”Furthermore, instead of having “The Merchant of Venice,” as thetitle for my essay, I would have chosen one, which is specific.




Human beings portray different attitudes to various things in theirdaily life. Their behavior helps in determining one’s personality.Following the personality test that I undertook, my type wasidentified as ENFJ. The results were as follows: extravert -62%,Intuitive-47%, Feeling-22%, and Judging 53%. The outcome implies thatI am more distinct on extraversion than introversion by 62% andmoderate in intuition over sensing. It also suggests that I haveslight preference of feeling as opposed to thinking and average inbeing judgmental rather than perceiving.

The assessment provides essential insights regarding my personalstyle. It shows that I am a confident individual who enjoys helpingothers and facilitating projects. It also argues that I reach aconclusion based on feelings, but they are flexible. The assessmentaffects my leadership style of being democratic as it allows one tomake changes when they arise. Regarding how I interact with otherpeople, the personality type states that I can maintain intenserelationships and be caring since ENFJs tend to try continuously tofind better solutions to issues affecting their families, friends,and staff. The assessment indicates that am highly collaborative withothers in a team environment because I focus on addressing the needsof others first and co-operate with group members to ensure theprojects are successful.

The results of the personality test were accurate because I tend tobelieve in my dreams. The assessment outcome also agrees with mynature of being appreciative of others and less concerned about theinsensitive persons. However, I was surprised when the personalitytype described me as an organized individual because I spend muchtime trying to de-clutter my work area. My friends and family providea similar description of my personality with the assessment testsince they both agree I am quick and willing to assist other peoplewho at times are complete strangers.