Direct Care Counselor Background

DirectCare Counselor


Evenbefore the advertisement, my dream has always been to work under thisnoble organization. I understand that PSCH is an all-inclusive agencyin relation to human services, and it is based on the foundation ofempowering individuals and families with various needs to recognizetheir full potentials of attaining desirable goals, under theguidance of independence principles, wellbeing, safety, and recovery.

Thefact that PSCH serves more than 12500 residents in more than fivecounties with a whole range of integrated services from primary care,clinical care, diagnosis and treatment and the personalized approachit employs in catering for each individual`s needs have greatlyimpacted on my desire to offer my services here (Paul, 2012). Infact, the organization measure of success by how well it empowersindividuals with mental impairment and other development issues willact as a springboard for my career.

Skills,Experiences, and Education

Severalaspects I hold both intrinsic, academic, and from experience make meconfident that I am fit for the job. I am a robust Direct CareCounselor with three years’ experience under my belt working withdifferent counseling programs. I specialize, specifically, in mentaldisabilities youth programs and administration of group homes. Further, I have had first-hand experience in taking care of mybrother,, who is deaf and suffer from multiple disorders, in a caringand loving manner.

Iam also certified in the development of adults and the elderly withfluent and exemplary communication skills both written and verbal. Myability to counsel clients with the mental disorders, multitask, andtake down details will be plus for me and the organization (Warren,2014).

Myexperiences within different stations as a direct care counselor haveprepared me not only offer training and counseling but also to relatewith colleagues in a positive manner to meet the laid down goals(Taylor, 2006). I am a holder of a bachelor`s of arts Degree fromthe University of Tarrant and specialized in Psychology.


Basingon the discussed competencies, skills, experiences and educationqualifications I am sure that I am fit for the position. I will begrateful to hear from you.


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