Devising a deployment strategy

Devisinga deployment strategy

Devisinga Deployment Strategy

Developingand deploying a technological product requires all levels of theorganization working together, having support from the management,having a well-structured decision-making process, and an approachthat is based on an understanding of the organization`s vision andarchitecture of its operations.

CriticalFactors in the Deployment of a New Product

Understandingyour Customers

Anygroup that comes up with a new product must have a clear andwell-defined understanding of their customers and what they need. Theorganization must also understand what the client`s value and whatcan make them stay loyal to the company.

Abilityto Pinpoint and Focus on the Best Product Ideas

Focusingon the best product ideas is made accessible by the understanding ofthe customers` needs and wants. For example, the development of theiridium 9555 phone can focus on helping clients, like hikers who taketrips to remote areas.

StrongProject Management

Thehardest part in the deployment of a product does not come during theinnovation phase it is during the execution phase where mostproducts fail. The implementation of such ideas to give the desiredresults requires a strong management team [ CITATION Pie13 l 1033 ].

Customizationof the Product

Manyproducts in the technology business fail due to less focus on makingthe product suitable to the consumer`s specific needs. A good productfocuses on the specific needs of customers and not on the generalneeds.

Addressingof the Factors

Theprimary purpose of the deployment strategy is to bring all the abovefactors together so that the organization can deploy its productsuccessfully. To understand the customer’s needs, the team needs toconduct a market survey and know which exploitable gaps exist. Havinga strong product management team can be achieved by hiring the bestpeople in the market. Lastly, the customization of the product willbe done after understanding the specific needs of the target market[ CITATION Mar073 l 1033 ].


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