Dell OptiPlex


Dellutilizes a closed-loop supply chain system. The process starts withthe customers who recycle their used plastics with the help of Delltake-back efforts. They separate the plastics assembled from theseven U.S. states partners connected by Dell Reconnect. After thecollection, packaging according to types follows, and then shippingto Dell’s manufacturing partners in China closes that chain.Meanwhile, the remaining materials undergo recycling, preparing themfor sale on the commodity market for reuse purposes. In themanufacturing center, plastics are shredded and melted to make newparts. With the availability of stand and computer`s back plate,which makes the OptiPlex 3030, the parts are assembled into finalcomputers. After assembling, the new computers are shipped to Dell.

i2technology is a software used in the management of supply chain. Dellneeded to streamline its supply chain by creating a bond between itsplanners and suppliers, to meet the needs of their customers. Toachieve this goal, Dell deployed i2 technology to eliminate overagesin inventory sector. The system assists Dell to take in materials totheir factories, directly in every 2 hours, taking into considerationthe real time of each order.

WebMethodsis a system used for web services like connecting softwareapplications through the internet. Dell benefits from the software asit allows its enterprises to conduct streaming is a web page set up by Dell to assist itssuppliers to be aware of the available orders of the products theyproduce.

Datawarehousing comprises of accumulated data from different sourceswithin a company like Dell. Each time Dell takes an order, they storedata of their customers, which may include their preferences orprofiles. After collecting this data, they store it in a datawarehouse (Kulkarniand Ashok 120).

Eventtracking involves recording interaction between the user and awebsite. Through the technology, Dell can identify threats bydiscovering suspicious event happenings or data breaches.

Demandshaping involves modifying demand to tie with the planned supply.Dell applies the concept de-promote inventory shortages.


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