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Thevideo Barrier-presented by Noble Motion Dance (4:05) depicts aperfect combination of the usage of space-time and energy. It is thecombination of these tree elements that separates the talented fromthe amateurs(Bakan, Michael B.&nbspWorldMusic 31).The level of the usage of these identities is what makes a danceeither captivating and exciting or not interesting and boring.Professional dancers need to understand on these aspects if they areto make any impact on the audience they target(ChoreographingThe Extended Agent 13.)


Thedancers begin with a center stage position with their backs arefacing the audience at first. They then quickly change theirlocations all around the stage giving me the impression that thechoreographer has very good stage management attributes. Theyeffectively change their focus from back to corners sideways and upand down. They can perfectly combine very many directions of focuswhich makes the dancing more captivating to watch. At first, theyobserve pure straight line dance moves from side to side to the frontand the backstage of the arena. This motion dramatically changes withsideways, diagonal movements.

Themost captivating moments of the dance for me is when they start theirupward-downward motions. They begin with the downward movement lyingflat on the arena. The most interesting aspect of this dance positionis that they combine some aspects of the vertical motion. Theirmovements are well sustained, and they perfectly swing with theirbodies. Their upwards movement seem to be more interesting as theyevenly suspend their bodies creating the impression of floating likein the space where there is zero gravity. There are repeatedoccasions of swings which add beauty to the dance combined withoccasional collapses. For the rest part of the dance, there are a lotof combined aspects and styles that bring an interesting picture tothe audience. The scale of the dancing space is medium.


Thedance starts with a slow tempo which gradually increases to a mediumspeed. The speed quite effectively allows the audience to watch everyaspect of the dance without having to strain to follow the dancers.The meter perfectly blends in with the tempo. Its unique nature makesit serve as the dance signature. During the dance, there areinstances when the pace increases up to a certain level and then acollapse marks its climax. The aspect of combining different heightsand falls allows the dance to get past boredom, and the audience willalways have something new they expect to see(ChoreographingThe Extended Agent 20).It comes in handy especially when the dances are very long.

Thedance follows slows movements that rhythmically combine with themeter. The perfect harmony of these two aspects of the dance makes iteasy and exciting to follow. There is an impressive sequence ofmotions that makes it brilliant. Perfect coordination between thedancers brings about the impression of uniformity between the dancers(Bakan,Michael B.&nbspWorldMusic 22).Towards the end, the tempo gradually reduces alongside the sequenceof dances which is a significant mark to the conclusion of a gooddance.


Thedancers portray an even level of energy in their motion. It is anintense action with the full mass of their bodies grounded. Onseveral occasions, they can incorporate aspects of light weight,especially when making the vertical motions. The dance has asustained level of energy. The dancers’ movements change from hopjump limp to twist turn bend. It becomes more interesting as theycrawl, roll and slide and in some occasion, they stretch swing andshake.

Theyapply some aspects of pull-push gestures effectively especially whenthe hug other types of motion that they have applied are flipping.These combinations of movements are captivating and keep the audiencewatching. The moves indicate the dancers’ levels of flexibility.They use a combination of various body positions from symmetric toasymmetric positions. The movements also vary from small-scaleactions to large-scale actions


Thetheme that presents in the dance seemed to be in love. They appearedto portray the various events that occur in a relationship such asconflict and reconciliation. The theme was evident when the dancerswould part and when one pulls the other they would hug as a sign ofreconciliation. Their dance techniques were simple yet of a highquality. Any person can follow on their motion and yet get the themeof the prom. The use of the right costumes adds weight to the topic(ChoreographingThe Extended Agent 56).The background of the stage provides a clear view of the actions andmovements of the dancers. There is also a good lighting making thescene adequately visible.


Thevideo Barrier-presented by Noble Motion Dance (4:05) appropriatelyincorporates the aspects of space-time and energy. It, therefore,qualifies as a high-quality work. Noble motion video gave me theimpression of a theme of love, conflict, and reconciliation. Thedancers’ acts seemed to go beyond the regular dancing to invokethis message. The quality of the motions made it easilyunderstandable. The dance uses various combination styles such asballet jazz among others.


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