Customer Response Letter


CustomerResponse Letter

CustomerResponse Letter

CustomerService Manager,

BottoItalian Bistro,


Richmond,CA 94804.

July24, 2016.

DearMr. Len M.

Re:A response to customer’s complaint

Awould like to thank you for letting us know how you felt about thequality of our services. As a customer service manager at BottoItalian Bistro, I would like to apologize for delivering services ina way that disappointed your expectations. In addition, I would liketo inform you that we take your concerns seriously since weunderstand that our going concern is dependent on our ability tosatisfy the guests who patronize our restaurant. We are committed toaddress your concerns and offer the most viable solutions at thesoonest time possible.

Iwould like to acknowledge the fact that I read the review that youposted on Yell’s website explaining your experience with ourrestaurant and specific products. From your review, I understand thatyou are concerned about three aspects of our services. The firstissue you raised is the frequent change in the style of pizza. Youstated that our initial taste and style was perfect for you, but youcan no longer consume our current pizza. Secondly, you stated thatyou felt disappointed with our customer service. From a review thatyou posted on Yelp, I understand that you are concerned about the setof rules that we post in our stores. You feel that this is anauthoritarian way of running the business and dealing with clients.Lastly, you raised the issue high prices that we charge at ourfacility and a limited room for bargaining.

Iwould like to inform you that none of the issues you raised was donewith an ill motive. Our sole intention has been to please ouresteemed guests, but we had no knowledge of the fact that some of ourcustomers would be affected negatively. For example, we have beenchanging the style of pizza regularly in order to address the needsof our diverse clientele that we believe has different tastes.Additionally, the set of rules that we post in our restaurant are nottools to boss around and demonstrate our authority towards ourcustomers. Instead, our intention has been to enhance efficiency indelivery of services as well as the relationship between ouremployees and guests. We attribute the high cost of our products tothe rise in the rate of inflation, which has increased the price ofthe raw materials that we use on a daily basis.

Althoughwe have an explanation for every issue that you raised, I wish toassure you that we have put measures in place to ensure that you willhave a different experience the next time you visit our restaurant.Instead of replacing the old pizza styles, we will offer both theinitial and the new ones in order to give you an opportunity toselect the style that pleases you the most. We will also train ouremployees on how to interact with customers, instead of posting ruleson our walls. We are also negotiating with our suppliers in order tosource raw materials at the cheapest prices possible. This will helpus deliver our products at affordable and competitive prices.

Kindlyaccept sincere apologies from our management team. Once again, thankyou for giving us a feedback that will help us deliver services thatmeet the preferences our guests. Please feel free to give a feedbackto solutions provided in this letter by writing to us via the addressindicated above or email [email protected] We look forward toserving you again in the future.