Running Head CULTURE 1


Religionhas a strong influence on a person’s development. It is a worldwidehuman quest, determining versed cultural restrictions, morality,principles, and manipulating human behavior, and thinking (Agorastos,Demiralay, &amp Huber, 2014). Faith motivates people to improvetheir actions belief in God has been used to encourage responsiblebehavior, especially in the context of a vengeful Deity (Cooper,2013). Studies in the “Public Library of Science journal ONE”concludes that unlawful activities are lesser in societies where thereligious beliefs of the citizens are high (Cooper, 2013).

Familyand community are the institutions that have had a far-reachingimpact on my personal development. My family has made me understandthat everyone is responsible for their decisions this has made meknow that whatever choice I make, I should be able to bear theconsequences. I come from a community where the old are revered andrespected, when a parent ages, the neighborhood comes together totake care of them. This has ingrained in me the importance of respectand care giving.

Individualismis a trait that I share with other Americans our country’s beliefin freedom has formed a culture where citizens value their personalidentities. The central theme of American history has been thatpeople should retain the ability to control their fate in order tofoster self-reliance. Freedom is another common behavioral aspectthat I share with many of my country men, with America being regardedas the free state of the world, the belief that all people are equalis high in many citizens. Many Americans are direct and assertive,but due to my upbringing, my family taught me to approach issues in asubtle manner. Though we belong to the same culture, differentsubcultures bring about variance in behavior.


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