Counseling and psychotherapy

Counselingand psychotherapy

Counselingand psychotherapy are essential subjects that deal with analyzingpeople’s personal information(McCarthy &amp Archer, 2013).Thus, it is important to establish a rapport that builds trustbetween the patient and physician. If in the first session when youmeet a patient as a physician you seem friendly and a trustworthyperson, the client will be more willingly to seek further treatmentand open up (Smith,2012).On the other hand, if in the first encounter there is a coldtreatment, there is a higher likelihood that the patient might notseek further intervention or might lack cooperation and commitment tothe process (Smith,2012).Just like when seeking for a job interview or trying to pleasesomeone, you do anything to leave a great first impression.

Thesame is essential in this field the physician must make a greatfirst impression upon which the session of counseling, diagnosis andtreatment will be referenced from. I believe at this moment you haveto know the basic information about your patient. The information atthis point does not have to be wholesome, but sufficient enough to beable to understand your client better. Demanding too much informationat this point might inhibit the proper process of counseling andtherapy(Smith, 2012).Thus, it is important that physicians be very careful and prudentwhile seeking personal information and making a first impression.Warm welcome will encourage a warm therapy and counseling sessionwhile cold one will make the process difficult as there is noopenness (McCarthy&amp Archer, 2013).







Placeof medical Attention or Clinic



Problemor Chief Concern

Symptomsbeing experience

AnyPrevious Treatment

Reactionto a Treatment


Otherissue that a patient’s considered important but not reflected.



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