Conflict resolution action plan response

Conflictresolution action plan response

Inthis scenario, there is a conflict between the special and thegeneral education teacher. The dispute, in this case, is theutilization of the accommodations and the modifications as they areoutlined in the individual education program. The special educationteacher feels that general education teacher is not doing the rightthing while the general teacher believes that he makes theimplementations where necessary, and he has found that suchutilization is ineffective. It is probable that the special educationteacher is confident that the facilities are sufficient and fails tounderstand how his colleague can say that they are ineffective. Eachof them may have a point to prove, but this conflict should be solvedusing the appropriate method.

Inthis case, I will use the negotiation method for conflict resolutionto sort out the differences existing between the two teachers so thatwe find a long-term solution that everyone is comfortable with. Iwill communicate with both teachers and invite them to a face to facediscussion where both parties will explain what they view as right orwrong and what should be done or not done. I will set a rule, whichboth of them should adhere to in the course of the conversation. Eachof them will be required to remain silent and calm while payingattention as the other is talking. The meeting will take place in oneof the school rooms probably the staffroom or the office of theschool head. I will ensure that both parties are comfortable with thevenue selected as well as the time the conversation should take placeto avoid any inconveniences.

Thesource of the conflict, in this case, is a matter that affects thestudents with disabilities as a whole. Since the teachers havedifferences on how the accommodation and modifications should beutilized, I will require that each teacher converses what he feels isbetter. While giving the solution to the conflict, I will ensure thatthe needs of each teacher are considered in the final settlementconcerning the students with disabilities. I will require that thespecial education teacher explains why he feels that theaccommodation and modifications of the students with disabilities arenot effectively utilized. This will give the general educationteacher a platform to prove or disapprove the idea. The generaleducation teacher will then explain how he has implemented theaccommodation and modifications according to the IEP and found itineffective. He will have to prove this practically where possiblebecause the students with disabilities are readily available withinthe school setting.

Ifthe general education teacher goes a step ahead to prove theineffectiveness he has previously encountered while handling thephysically challenged students, then he should suggest the possibleimprovements that can be made to make the accommodations andmodifications effective. The special education teacher should readilyaccept this and ensure that he accelerates the process of making thechanges. On the other hand, if the special education teacher iscontrary to the idea of the general teacher, he should demonstratethe effectiveness of the process while handling the students. If thedemonstration proves to be effective, then the general educationteacher should readily accept that he was not doing the right thing.Finally, to take the needs of each teacher into consideration, thegeneral education teacher can do as the special education teacherinstructs. Similarly, the special education teacher should do themodifications suggested by the general teacher to make his deliveryof services effective to meet the outlines set by the IEP.


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