Conflict and Terrorism

Conflictand Terrorism

Someof the most persistent global issues affecting security in the worldtoday are conflicts and terrorism. Recently, world conflict andterrorism has been making news headlines from all over the world. Thetwo issues have negative impacts to the political, economic andsocial stability of the world. It is for this reason that I chose toresearch the topic of conflict and terrorism and to gain a betterunderstanding by trying to establish possible causes and developsolutions.


Froma search in the library and on the internet, there are many sourcesthat are discussing the topic of terrorism and conflict. However,because I intended to get more credible sources that have exploredthis particular topic from all perspectives, I searched from academiconline sources. In addition, I used google since I wanted to obtainan online source particularly from a reputable global media housethat has recent global information on the topic of terrorism andconflict.


Thesources that were used to analyze the topic of terrorism were twoacademic books retrieved from online book store and a New York Timesarticle. The first source is a news article titled TheHuman Toll of Terror andis written by New York Times’ authors. The authors explored recentimpacts of terrorism on human lives from around the world. The secondsource is a book titled Terrorism:From one millennium to the nextwhich was authored by Gerringer and published in 2002. The thirdsource is a book titled Terrorism:The second or anti-colonial wavewhich was authored by Rapoport C.D and published in 2006.

Thethree are credible sources of information with accurate data,research and findings, which may help explore the topic of terrorism.In addition, the sources offer information and ideas on terrorismfrom different point of views or perspectives. The informationprovided by these three sources is timely as it is relevant to thecurrent crisis on terrorism. The information presented by the sourcesprovides historical data that has been used by the authors inprojecting the future of terrorism.


  1. New York Times article published July 26, 2016

Thereason why the New York Times article TheHuman Toll of Terroris an ideal pick is because of the relevance of the informationprovided. This particular source has explored recent areas which havebeen affected by terrorists’ activities. Many of the areas whereresearch has been conducted include Europe, United States, Asia andAfrica. The authors of this article wanted to establish any existingdistinctions or connections between the victims of terror attack. Inaddition, the article offers a deeper understanding to the impact ofterrorism in today’s normal life. The authors of this articleconducted interviews with families and friends to victims ofterrorism to come up with findings.

  1. Gerringer E. A. Terrorism: From One Millennium to the Next

Gerringerhas explored the existing threats of terrorism from differentviewpoints such as economic, political and social. In his book, hehas emphasized that there is a high likelihood that such threats aregoing to be in existence for a long period of time. This conclusionwas reached as result of collecting historical data and analyzing theapproaches used in combating the threat of terrorism. However, themethod used by Gerringer involves the reader in way that he or she isable to come up with possible outcomes of terrorism.

  1. Rapoport C.D. Terrorism: The Second or Anti-Colonial Wave

Thethird source by Rapoport takes a chronological approach in provingreaders with a history of modern terror or rebel as shown by theextremists or militia groups from around the world. In addition, thisbook offers more information thereby enriching academic knowledge ofthe topic of terrorism. Rapoport has used much illustration fromhistorical data such as statements, government documents as well asdiscussions revolving around the topic of terrorism. The source alsonotes that terrorism has become a global threat and globalcommunities should explore solutions to the threat.


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