Comparison and Contrast between winter and summer

Comparisonand Contrast between winter and summer

Thedaily activities of people are dependent on the prevalent weather ata given time. There are four seasons in a year winter, summer,spring and autumn which are determined by the weather pattern. Thehabitual tasks and lifestyle of people vary following the variationin seasons. However, winter and summer are the most popular seasons.Most people prefer summer to winter because in the former,individuals can carry out more activities as compared to the latter.

Whena contrast is made regarding the temperature of winter and summer, itis noted that summer has the highest temperature. Therefore, it formsthe warmest of all the four seasons. On the contrary, winter has thelowest temperature hence the coldest of the four seasons. Summeroccurs in the Northern hemisphere from the sixth month of the year toAugust. In the Southern hemisphere, it occurs at the beginning ofDecember to the second month of the year (Jiang et al., 2016). On theother hand, winter is experienced in the Northern hemisphere as fromDecember to February, in the southern hemisphere it is experiencedfrom June to August. Winter is characterized by low air pressure andlonger nights. On the contrary, the summer season has got high airpressure with longer days.

Thereare different tasks which can be performed during winter and summer.While summer is the best for people who like traveling and outdooractivities, winter is suitable for the individuals who like iceskating (Jiang et al., 2016). Notably, sight-seeing is easier in thewinter season as compared to summer. Besides that, the way ofdressing of most people varies depending on the seasons. Duringsummer people will always tend to put on casual clothes such asshorts, jeans t-shirts and sleeveless dresses to avoid more warmth.On the other hand, during winter people will prefer wearing warmclothes to avoid the cold.

Itis also salient to note that the type of food which people consumedepends on the prevailing season. During winter, hot food will begiven preference in order to keep people warm. However, during summerpeople will eat cold food to keep themselves cold.

Interestingly,the two seasons are also similar in various ways. First of all, bothof them are present at the same time in the world. While onehemisphere is experiencing winter, the other one will be havingsummer (Münch, et al, 2016). In addition to that, both possessextreme temperatures. Winter is the coldest whereas summer is thehottest. This implies that both of them reach their extremes in acertain time of the year.

Summarily,summer and winter are important seasons since they define theactivities which will be carried out by people. Although they havedifferences, they both play a pivotal role in the lives ofindividuals. Therefore, it is important we appreciate both theirsimilarities and differences.


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