Community Health and Wellness


After a thorough community health needs assessment, I noted that theprevalence of cardiovascular diseases has been on the rise in myneighborhood of Long Island, New York. Some of the alarming disordersare myocardial infarction, stroke and heart failure (NYC Health,2016). This is attributed to various behavioral disease promotersnotably smoking, increased intake of high caloric and highcholesterol foods which cause obesity and physical inactivity by thepopulation (NYC Health, 2016). These disease promoters causeatherosclerosis in vessels especially heart vessels leading tohypertension, myocardial infarction and ultimately causing stroke.

The community has implemented various mechanisms to combat thesediseases through various health promoters. For instance, to combatsmoking and obesity, Healthy People 2020 Program run advocacycampaigns for various health promoters (NYC Health, 2016). Theseinclude behavioral changes to quit smoking totally or to use ofsynthetic nicotine promotion of healthy and balanced eating habitswith focus on vegetables and fruits and also encouragement ofphysical activity, stress reduction and regular health checkups.

If I was given $50,000, I would want to implement a Go-GreenMovement, a program to combat the rising cardiovascular diseases inmy community and New York City in general. The aim of the programwould be to encourage people to plant their own vegetables and fruitssuch as tomatoes, straw berries, onions and kales on the lawnsoutside their houses and even on the empty street lawns. This wouldbe a sustainable project to provide healthy vegetables and fruits tothe community and reduce their dependence on buying out junk foodsfrom fast-food joints which is a norm in the community. The programwould reduce obesity cases in the area as well as empower people tolearn the importance of healthy diets and self-health promotion.


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