Communication between management and other departments


Communicationbetween management and other departments

Communicationbetween management and other departments

Accordingto the organization, the main problem between the management andother departments is the aspect of ineffective communication. As wehad discussed earlier, ineffective communication usually entails anybreakdown or interference in the entire communication process thatcreates unsuccessful cycle of communication. According to VivintWireless Company employees, the form of communication that we thinkis most effective between the managers and other departments isthrough the phone call. A phone call is an effective method becauseit is considered as the mode that help individual intensify theconnections with others and also embrace teamwork since it assistsone communicate both hard and negative information without causingany conflict.

Inthe survey that our team provided for the workers at Vivint WirelessCompany, we would rate the overall satisfaction to 4 because we sawthat about 70% of the company employees are satisfied while another30% are not satisfied with their communication. The otherquestionnaire that involves the likelihood that the employees willstay and work at Vivint Wireless Company, about 3 out 5 thattranslated to 60% anticipated to continue working at the company fora longer time while 40% anticipated to quite once they are paid.According to the questionnaires, it takes approximately 12 hours toset support so as to resolve the problems because of ineffectivecommunication. 72% of the employees said that the management providessufficient help when it is needed, and 28% of the populations werenot satisfied by the aspect of management support.

Theadvice that I could give the manager is to effect the communicationchannels because effective communication is always more interactiveas compared to lean media. Vivint Wireless can fix the aspect ofineffective communication as this provides a chance for collaborativecommunication.