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Civil War

Civil War

The American civil war is one of the most important events in thehistory of the United States. It lasted for four years, between 1861and 1865, and resulted in far-reaching impacts on the country.Consequently, it has shaped the social, political and economic fabricof the country in the last two centuries. Historians have identifiedseveral causes of the civil war. They include social and economicdifferences between the northern and southern states, civil rights,and the election of President Lincoln. Arguably, the most importantcause of the war was the slavery. This is because all the otherfactors that led to the confrontation between the south and the northwere linked to the abolition of slave labor (Harmon, 2014).

The American civil war began when some states in the south declaredthat they were leaving the Union to form the Confederacy. This movewas objected by the northern states, resulting in armedconfrontations. The primary cause of the secession attempts wasslavery. The southern states` economies were dependent on plantationfarming and cheap slave labor. On the other hand, the northern stateshad industrial economies. Consequently, struggles emerged whenantislavery movements started developing in the north. The electionof President Lincoln in 1860 worsened the political differencesbetween the opposing sides. The slave powers viewed him as aproponent of the abolitionist movement. Therefore, he was not on thepresidential ballots in some states (Harmon, 2014).

Therefore, all the causes of the American civil war were linked toslavery and the abolitionist movement. Slave labor resulted indifferences in social and economic structures in the southern andnorthern states. Since President Lincoln supported the antislaverysentiments, his election contributed to the secession attempts by theConfederacy.


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