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Everyindividual has a worldview. Worldviews are the biases andpresuppositions that influence the people`s view of life and reality.Worldviews are set of lenses that shape people’s vision and changethe perception of the world around them. People’s education,socialization, culture, media, movies, and the culture they live inform people’s worldviews. Worldview, as a set of beliefs, helps usunderstand the world we live in. People use worldview (set ofprinciples) to judge right and wrong and guide their daily living.Christian worldview equips Christians to think and live cohesive andconsistent with the biblical worldview. The paper seeks to discussChristian worldview about God,Jesus,humanity and restoration and give a reflectionand an analysis of the Christian.


Christiansbelieve in the existence of God. They believe in one God, the creatorof all things including humans and the universe itself. God createdeverything in his perfect plan, which revealed, and reflects himself.Christians believe that God is eternal, immortal, and infinite(Deuteronomy 33:7). God is immutable and unchanging and thisattributes makes Christians rely on and trust God (Malachi 3:6). Themind of God is incomprehensible to humanity. His thoughts are not orthoughts and God ways are different from our ways (Isaiah 55:9).Christians believe in the uniqueness of God. He is the one and onlyGod. They believe that God deserves their worship and devotion. Theybelieve in the sovereignty of God he has power over everything.Thus, no one can stop Gods plans and purposes. They believe that Godis spirit and thus invisible to human eyes (Walsh,and Middleton 52).They also believe in the Trinity of God – “one God represented intheir persons the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and each with equalglory and power. Christians believe that God is truth and does notlie because he is not a man” (Psalms 117:2).

Godis just, merciful and good, for instance, as the second person of theTrinity, he died on the cross for his people taking the punishmentthat his people deserved (2ndCorinthians 5:21). God is righteous, loving, kind, merciful, and justin that he does not favor anyone but loves all. God is omnipotent andomniscient. God is present everywhere and he is all knowing. God isholy and Christians relate his character to a consuming fire(Atchison11).They believe that his Holy wrath against sin should be feared. Godreveals himself to the Christians through the Holy Book (the Bible)which is the word of God. Christians believe that God came to earthin fullness and lived in the human body through Jesus Christ his son.


Godcreated humankind in his likeness. Humanity was created to enjoy hisperfect love and justice. In creating humans in his divine image, Godwanted humanity to understand him and his complex design of theworld. God created humanity to love and serve him to bring about theglorious plan for God’s creation. God bestowed a unique gift onhumans (wisdom and knowledge of God) that allow humans to reflect ontheir conscience and nature. However, complete understanding isbeyond reach by humans. God give humanity the grace to fulfill theirpurpose on earth and therefore, for Christian’s grace, favor andlove are God given gifts to humanity. Christians believe that theBible is their guide in their daily living. According to the bible,God created humans to glorify him (Atchison14).For instance, Psalms 100:2 “worship God in gladness for he is God.”He created us we are his people and sheep of his flock.”Christians glorify God by living their lives in relationship to himand giving him a faithful service.

Christiansbelieves that sin is the cause of humanity problems. Christian’sconcept of sin found in Genesis 2 and 3. Sin originates from Adam andEve’s story the first humans. God created and placed Adam and Evein the Garden of Eden. The garden provided all the physical needs forthem, companionship with one another and fellowship with theircreator. For Adam and Eve, God gave them one rule not to consume thatfruits of the “tree of the Knowledge of evil and good” at thecenter of the garden. These first humans rebelled against God’srule and ate fruits. God banished them from the Eden Garden andcondemned them and their generation to a life of hardships, disease,pain, and death. Because of their first sin, God submitted the entireuniverse to bondage. Christianity defines this fall of humanity as“fall from innocence” which is the origin of humanity problemstoday. Jesus

Jesusreveals his identity as the son of God. Christians believes thatChristian is their savior, the truth and life. He is the liberator oftheir humanity from the sins. The works and identity of Christ aresignificant to the Christian worldviews. The Bible clearly statesthat although Jesus was like God, He considered himself not equalwith God, but took Human body and to save and liberate Christians.Christ lived in human nature and did possess as sinful nature ofhumans but a divine nature of God. Since the fall of humanity, Jesuswas the only way to reconcile humanity with God (Atchison17).God gave him out as an innocent sacrifice to die on the cross for thesins of a human. Through his blood, the humanity sins were forgivenand the wrath of God against sin was satisfied. The divine nature ofJesus made him work as a Redeemer, he shed his blood to redeemhumanity and pay the debt that no one else could pay (Matthew26:28).Christian believes that Jesus victory over death and grave gavevictory to everyone who trusts in Him.


Basedon the Christian worldview, accepting, and following Christ is theremedy to human problems. The message that the kingdom of God is forall people irrespective their race, ethnicity and region weresignificantly crucial to many Christians. Following Jesus givesChristians the tools tool deal with the world and lives at peace withother people. By following Jesus, Christians interact with variouspeople and learn to respect others worldviews. Faith and grace areimportant in Christian salvation. The Bible says, “for by grace,people are saved through faith, not for themselves, but through God’sgift”(Ephesians 2:8). Further, Christian doctrine is the only religionthat provides salvation as Christ died for our sins (Walsh,and Middleton 55).Faith is a belief in God’s presence in all Christians’ actionsand following him and trusting him fully. Grace is critical aspect inChristian’s salvation because the love, mercy, and desire of Godfor Christians is to attain eternal life with him. Additionally,christens belief that society and self-transformation occurinternally through restoration (living according to the guidelines ofGod). It entails following God’s word by respecting and lovingneighbors and other society members. The bible says if as Christianswe ask God for forgiveness he will forgive us. Having strong faithand seeking God’s guidance at the time of need is important toChristian worldview.


Thereare several advantages and strengths in believing in Christianworldview and being a Christian. For Christian they are guaranteed offorgiveness of sin because Christ died for their sins. Their sins areforgiven and every time they pray for forgiveness, God will listenand forgive them. Another benefit is that they are counted andwelcome in the family of God (2 Corinthians5:17, says “if anyone isChrist, he becomes a new creature, the old is gone and new this havehappened.” This implies that Christians are Gods children and Godhas chosen to share the kingdom of heaven with them. God welcomes andloves the people who express their trust and faith in Him.Christianity influence personal thinking, for instance, the beliefthat human is created to glorify God (Atchison19).Christians use this as a guideline to appease God and glorify him inall their actions including respecting other people and leading aholy life through prayer and supplication to God.


Asa Christian, I believe in Christ, the Son of God, the savior, andredeemer who died on the cross for our sin. Through the Christianityfaith, I guaranteed for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Themain purpose of human existence is to glorify God therefore, Ifulfill this purpose through preaching the word of God to others.


Christianworldview equips Christians to think and live cohesive and consistentbiblical worldview. It directs and guides them through theirChristian life giving them hope and strength to pursue their missionon earth. It shapes their behavior and thinking based on the wordsthat they read from the bible. Faith in God is the tool thatChristians use to deal with the world and lives at peace with otherpeople and claim their identity as Christians.


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