has always been part of American sports. Every high school or collegesoccer or baseball team has a cheerleading team to support them.However, not many people understand that cheerleading is in itself asport. In fact, whether cheerleading is a sport and whethercheerleaders can be considered as athletes or not is still an issuethat is debated in different forums. Regardless, cheerleading is anextracurricular activity like any sport and entails more than whatmany people anticipate. In this essay, cheerleading as a sport isgoing to be discussed. In addition, the social impact of cheerleadingwill be determined.

in American society is a sporting activity that is recognized notonly in school sports, but also in professional sports teams.Cheerleaders undergo extensive training like any other athletes inorder to deliver their best. Unlike what some people may perceive,cheerleading does not amount to standing on the side of the track andshouting. competitions entail a group clapping,performing tumbling, dancing, jumping and other stunting skills. Aperformance in cheerleading is usually short but vigorous. Above all,the performance is expected to be flawless. For this reason,cheerleaders undergo extensive training, sometimes taking hours toperfect a single stunt.

Incheerleading, judges are the sole determinants of the winner. Eachtumbling move and stunt pulled by cheerleaders during a competitionis evaluated on the level of difficulty and its nature. Dance, cheermoves and stumbles are assessed on technique and perfection. The morechallenging a move, pass or a stunt, the more likely the pointsawarded. Judges usually have a difficult time in decision making asthe crowds are also influenced by cheerleading. The choice ofcostumes that a cheerleading team chooses varies from fancy toextraordinary accessories including flower bouquets for girls,whistles to mention a few. There are also no specific rules on howcheerleaders should conduct themselves, which makes the game evenmore interesting

Inthe society, people tend to look at cheerleading as less of a sport.In schools for example, cheerleaders are considered as non-performerswhen it comes to academics. But the truth is cheerleading is one ofthe most involving sports of all time. The word cheer leading speaksvolumes about the sport. In a cheerleading team, everyone is aleader. The sport entails commitment and patience traits that arevital for leadership. Cheerleaders are driven by passion for the gamethey cheer. This drive leads to participation in cheerleading thatturns out to be a sport on its own.

Therole of team work in cheerleading is not negotiable. Cheerleaderswork as a team in every aspect. The moves, the passes and stunts thatcheerleaders pull are collective and not judged at individual level.Thus the more coordinated a cheerleading team is, the more successfulit becomes. It is therefore inspiring that cheerleaders are more ofteam players than individual athletes.

Althoughcheerleading is involving, it is one of the sports that influence orelicit emotions of happiness. The society should embrace cheerleadingas a sport especially to offset the health problems that result fromsedative lifestyles. The perception that cheerleading is for youngpeople with agility and looks is misleading. Anyone can cheer as longas they love the game and are willing to go beyond being passive insupporting other sports, to being active fans.