Cause of Death Inequality

Causeof Death: Inequality

Causeof Death: Inequality

Thepurpose of Alejandro Reuss’s article was to inform the readersabout the detrimental effects of inequality in American society. Heidentifies African-Americans as the most affected group ofindividuals as inequality ranks behind heart diseases or diabetes,homicide and accidental injury. Reuss (2001, p.332) also identifiesmen, the less educated and the poor as other affected groups.

Tosupport his claims, Reuss (2001, p.333) presents an alternativemaintaining that statistics and life expectancy and mortality fail toprovide a perfect map of societal inequality. According to him, thelife expectancy rate of women is higher than that of men despite theformer being subordinated by the latter. She also argues that menwith less education succumb to chronic diseases, such as heartdiseases than succumbing to injury and communicable diseases.Additionally, low incomes also contribute to the number of deaths inAmerican society.

Reuss(2001, p.333) also maintains that the poor people in the UnitedStates are not better than those in developing areas. He asserts thatthe fact that they can get electronic good easily does not make theirlives better. Moreover, health inequality also includes healthinsurance that most poor people lack, hence being exposed toavoidable health risks. Reuss continues that increased incomeinequality also contributes to poorer health (Reuss, 2001, p.334).Lastly, differences in status, education and other factors play amajor role in determining the life expectancy of a person.

Basedon the evidence given, Reuss concludes that inequality kills.According to him, people love using the words “They’re killingme” without knowing that it is not just a figure of speech, but thereality (Reuss, 2001, p.336). According to him, the people at thebottom of the society suffer from inequality.


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