Case Study



Tropicanamade a major mistake in redesigning the orange juice packet. Thesocial media is a proof of that. They ignored the emotionalattachment their consumers had with the old package. Hence, thismight give their competitor, Pepsi, a competitive advantage overthem. The critical and calculated reaction of Tropicana is ofparamount importance in ensuring that they retain their customers’base and reap the benefits of redesigning Colleen &amp Karen, 2011).

However,Tropicana should retain and not pull out their new branding. Pullingout the packaging means wasted money and lack of confidence in theirstrategies. On social media, negative publicity gets more attentionthan the positive reactions. Tropicana ought to use the stones thrownat them to build even larger customers’ base. When everyone istalking about Tropicana, some people might want to try the productout of curiosity (Young &amp Ciummo, 2009). It is important forTropicana to address the concerns of its consumers, assuring themthat the product is still of high quality. Hence, this could be doneusing social media where most people vent their dissatisfactions.Once people feel that Tropicana appreciates their concerns, theirhearts might turn soft towards the packaging.

Tocounter the adverse reactions, Tropicana should also appeal to thesocial media consumers using advertisers who are loved most in theseplatforms. Most people rely on the information presented to them tomake decisions. They might not have a high opinion of their own. Oncesuch people realize that a person they adore is still loyal toTropicana, they are likely to feel comfortable purchasing the juice.The social media storm dies down as soon as it comes and peopleconcentrate on what is outstanding quality.


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