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How to Create a Winning Promotion Plan

Howto Create a Winning Promotion Plan



How to Create a Winning Promotion Plan 1

2.1 Planning 4

2.1 Audience Research 4

2.2 Messaging 4

2.3 Two+ Weeks before Launch 4

2.4 Engaging Before Launch 4

2.5 Week before Launch 5

2.6 Pre-test Content 5

2.7 Outreach e-mails 5

2.8 Day of Launch 5

2.9 Outreach 5

2.10 Moderate &amp Respond 6

2.11 Week of Launch 6

2.12 Paid Social 6

2.13 Social Media 6

2.14 Easy Wins 6

2.15 On-going Opportunities 6

2.16 Project Wrap-up 7

2.17 Complete Content Promotion Plan 7

A good promotion plan has different stages such as:


Prepare messaging and

Finding the target audience

2.1 Planning

Carrying out audience research is so essential for any promotion plan. This makes it successful

2.1 Audience Research

Audience research requires enough time and resources which will ensure that the company is able to acquire necessary information regarding the needs of clients in the market and how it could approach them through promotion

2.2 Messaging

There is high need to be sure of the kind of message that one wants to communicate to the audience so as to ensure that he is able to meet their needs through telling the audience something that is relevant to them. Each market segment is different and there is, therefore, the need to ensure that the unique needs of each segment are met appropriately.

2.3 Two+ Weeks before Launch

The two weeks before launch are crucial as the person preparing the promotional plan may need to come up with measures that will ensure that he is able to gather all the materials necessary for carrying out the promotion appropriately. This could involve gathering email addresses of the people who need to be involved in the market research. This activity will help to boost the capability of the person involved to come up with worthwhile results.

2.4 Engaging Before Launch

Engaging the people involved just before the launch of the promotion plan goes a long way in finding out the needs that the people may have so as to address them in good time.

2.5 Week before Launch

In one week before the launch of the plan, the people involved shall have the time to address all the pending areas that may be necessary for the sake of ensuring that the final launch of the plan does not have any problems.

2.6 Pre-test Content

It will also be important to pre-test the content that will be applied during the launch so as to ensure that it will be able to meet the requirements and raise the chances of having a success towards the completion of the entire project.

2.7 Outreach e-mails

The personnel shall need to send outreach messages to all the people who will be involved in the promotion in a bid to prepare them accordingly for what they will be required to do.

2.8 Day of Launch

The day of launch needs to run properly without any mishaps so as to increase the chances of high performance and attainment of objectives of the promotion plan.

2.9 Outreach

The outreach list is important in the provision of information regarding the entities that performed well compared to others in a bid to create a clear way of what needs to be done in the long run.

2.10 Moderate &amp Respond

The management of the company needs to be available to provide comments that are necessary to ensure that the launch process runs as would have been anticipated.

2.11 Week of Launch

The week of launch is usually busy as it is such a time that the team involved in rolling out the promotion plan is involved with making final plans

2.12 Paid Social

This activity helps to establish the paid social media platform that performed well in a bid to use it often.

2.13 Social Media

The use of social media is quite crucial in that it helps to reach a large number of potential clients who may help enhance the sales of the company.

2.14 Easy Wins

Easy wins are achieved through making attempts to ensure that the personnel involved in the promotion plan are well aware of what is expected of them, for the purposes of high performance.

2.15 On-going Opportunities

The management needs to continue being open for any available chances that could help to enhance the objectives of the Promotion Plan.

2.16 Project Wrap-up

End of campaign activity is normally marketed with a closure that helps to minimize the continued use of resources.

2.17 Complete Content Promotion Plan

It is important to advertise the content plan in order to make it usable.


2 weeks before launch

1 week before launch

Day of launch

Week of launch


Project Wrap Up

Prepare messaging

Build influencers list

Pre-test your content

Moderate comments

Get the easy wins

Build relationships

Take notes for next task

Find target audiences

Review your site

Share, share, share

Reclaim links

Watch for journalistic opportunities

Measure results

Promotional Plan importance

Content Campaign Plan

Que up adds

Begin outreach

Continue outreach

Monitor social needs

Write outreach templates

Continue social media push

Schedule site prospecting