Brief Paper (Family)

BriefPaper (Family)

Afamily is an important institution that those who have taken a stepto start one hold with much value and dedication. For the dailylivelihood and sustenance for the family especially at this age intimes, both the husband and wife in most cases have to work. As suchthey have to strike a balance between work or career advancement andfamily life. More often than not balancing between the two haslargely been seen as a women issue since in recent times they havetaken up careers away from home. Many seem to overlook the fact thatit is a men`s issue, as well as they, have increasingly been expectedto also get involved at home in doing household chores such as takingcare of children and other responsibilities. But is there a practicalformula for striking a balance between the two? This work is goingto focus its discussion on the strategies that may be utilized tostrike a balance between career and family.

Strategiesused to strike a balance between career and family

Inmany instances the strategies that one employs at work can be ofgreat help in juggling between career and family issues. Thesestrategies may range from planning, effective communication, adelegation of duties, organizing and setting of achievable limits.All these skills, when incorporated effectively, can enable asatisfying and a well-balanced career and family life. We can lookinto these strategies in a broader perspective.

1.Structuring a support system

Accordingto Magid and Fleming women in most cases are liable to be satisfiedif their partners are hopeful of their careers (Magid&amp Flaming,2012). Both the husband and wife should rally their children as wellas engage them to work together by sharing out responsibilities andhousehold chores effectively. Although in balancing career and familychallenges are inevitable it is wise to have a backup plan.

2.Setting of limits

Thesetting of limits and boundaries essentially enables safeguard of oneanother`s actions. Magid and Fleming contend that limits as well asboundaries helps one to take charge of their time, space and equallyget in contact with their feelings (Magid&amp Fleming, 2012). Assuch one is able to show the extent of their responsibility. It isimperative to note that limits are essential in balancing career andfamily since without them one may veer into another’sresponsibility or reject his or her responsibility.


Accordingto Magid and Flaming, one should pardon himself or herself whenthings don`t complete. Spouses should comprehend that with kidsthings change immediately (Magid&amp Fleming, 2012). Be prepared andwilling to expect obligation regarding any of the undertakings thatneed to complete whenever. Never get excessively agreeable, in fact,when you appear to gain things under power, they change! Likewise,understand that so as to make progress numerous ladies have needed tosurrender their unique objectives and substitute new ones withvarious yet parallel difficulties. Arrange for what you require.

Christianstrategy to balance career and family

Inbalancing work and family the Bible does not make a distinctionbetween work and family life since in the ancient times family lifeand work was more often incorporated. As such family members workedtogether in commerce, agriculture, and trade. For instance, the bookof Colossians 3:21-24 note the need for one to work with all his orher heart since we are essentially working for God on behalf ofChrist. It is important to note that the modern world is considerablydifferent from the Biblical time the Bible still speaks the need tobalance work and family life. In the contemporary world, Christianshave employed the strategy of working alongside their partners andfamily members. This effectively strengthens their marriage and theirfamilies. It also emphasizes that a good working relationship andhealthy family affairs go hand in hand.

Equally,Christian families have taken advantage of the technologicaladvancement that gives them the opportunity to work from home. Thishas enabled them to spend more time and to be closer to theirchildren and spouses.


Inconclusion, it is prudent to note that striking an effective balancebetween career and family is an evident challenge in today’sfamilies in the professional field. As such building up of strategieswill be essential to us in juggling family household tasks and thecareer life.


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