Black lives matter


The first and the second feminist movements were fighting for therights of women in the United States. It is essential to note thatboth movements recorded substantial success. The first feministmovement resulted in the universal suffrage and equal property rightsfor both men and women across the United States. Although the secondwomen`s movement’s motion was defeated, it still recordedsignificant success such as the workplace rights, sexuality, anddomestic violence clauses (Springer, 2015). It is evident that thefirst and the second feminist movements derived their inspirationfrom what appears to have been some form of oppression of a sectionof the society. The black lives matter seems to suffer the same fate.Whereas in the feminist movements women were being oppressed insociety, the Black Americans were being oppressed by law enforcementofficers in the black lives matter movement.

The feminist movements have given the Black Americans the assurancethat if they fight for their rights with zeal and determination, theywill win the battle. The success that the feminist movements recordedhas significantly influenced the black lives matter movement. It isclear that the Black Americans constitute one section of the societythat is being targeted and oppressed owing to their skin color(Springer, 2015). This is was the same case with women who were beingtargeted and oppressed due to their gender. It is worth noting thatthe first and the second feminist movements took a long time torealize their goals. This has also influenced the black lives mattermovement by ensuring them that no matter how long the struggle takes,they will finally succeed.


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