Biofuels in the Future

Biofuelsin the Future

Biofuelin the Future

Dueto the emerged utilization of agricultural product to manufacturebiofuel, the prediction of its future has been having been a dilemma.Utilizing farmland to cultivate biomass for oil can result inindirect land-use alterations that prompt global warming, as well asincreasing, contend for food globally(Coyle, 2007).Currently, the contending requirement for energy, food,sustainability and carbon decrease has been a growing internationaldilemma. The worldwide population is intensifying, and the land isnot. Individuals around the biosphere are consuming not only food butalso more of everything. Likewise, the increasing rate of incomeprogressing areas of the world is consenting millions of individualsto change from sustenance diet comprising of primarily, grains to onethat include beef. The shift in dietary is increasing the demand forfood around the globe to a degree that is higher than the world`sfarms can yield. Similarly, the consumption rate of energy hasdoubled up, paralleling to food demand.

Therefore,diet and energy sector is becoming less independent, and the globalcompetition for land is accelerating thus, the manufacture of fuel byfood crop is resulting in over pricing of grains such as wheat, cornand soybean oil and also the next-generation biofuel cannot obtainlow carbon status.Due to the comprehensive land use issue and consumption of resources,the production of biofuel by agricultural product will still be adilemma (Trent, Wiley, Tozzi, McKuin, &amp Reinsch, 2012). Also, thenewly emerged technology in biofuel production will still not beenough to sustain it. Besides, the country does have first generationbiofuel industry upon which to construct. However, the government hascollaborated with other nations, such as China so as to reduce theproduction cost and the cost of food stuff.


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