Ballot 2016



Neverin history has the election of our nation attracted so much worldwideattention than it has done in some few days ago. Democratic andRepublican conventions, 2016 were history in making.

DonaldTrump made history by winning the republic nomination on mostdelegate votes ever while Clinton became the first Democratic womannominee.

Manycritics have argued that this election will be perhaps the first onethat people vote based on what they dislike and like about apresidential contestant than the policies being offered.

Thus,the convention became of interest as both parties spoke less aboutthe solutions they will bring, but bad mouthed each other at anyopportunity they got proving that ballot 2016 is about likability andnot policies.

Republican’sOnslaught on Clinton at Republican Convention

Verypassionate speakers took the stage and heaped a lot of praises toDonald Trump. He was hailed as a trustworthy person who says, as itis. On the other hand, the speakers were not so kind to Clinton.

Clintonwas labeled as incompetent to take the office of the Commander inChief as she was responsible for the loss of American soldiers’lives in Benghazi. They reinstated this statement over and over “shesaid at this point does it matter.”

Speakersadded that anyone who does not treasure American’s lives is not fitto be the president of the greatest nation on earth. The onslaught onhow Clinton is irresponsible in handling classified informationcontinued.

Republicansattacked her policies as the secretary of State as the reason whyAmerica is not great as it should be, the object why her bid shouldbe rejected.

Melania’sSpeech, the Stolen One

Duringthe Republican’s convention, the Trump’s family was exceptionalin praising the man of the hour, Trump. What would become memorablein those few days of the Republican National Convention was Melania’sspeech.

Itwas soft, kind and beautiful until someone, said wait a minute, isthis for real is this a reproduction of 2008 Michelle’s Obamaspeech?

Thecurtains went down on her, and as video evidence does not lie, shewas laid naked by the media. Imagine that this is our first lady tobe, if…

TedCruz’s Speech his Political Noose

TedCruz’s speech was spectacular or was it not? Let me title it “voteyour conscience.” When Cruz got on the stage, the crowd wasexpectant, jubilant and hopeful that this time, he was going to throwhis weight behind their preferred Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Hewisely avoided that issue, which got the crowd shouting “endorseTrump,” by talking about voting conscience, something which was notpleasing to Republican ears.

WhenCruz continued to ignore the crowd, it booed him and shouted himdown. This led Donald Trump to intervene shifting the attention fromCruz to him, making him the man of the day.

ManyRepublicans felt betrayed and described Cruz as selfish and awful forfailing to honor a pledge he had signed. Many believed that Cruzmight have buried his political career there, but time will tell.

DemocratsBacklash on Trump

Democrats’day would come and they threw anything they could to Trump. Donaldwas labeled as a bully and a man who is ready to divide the countrythrough hatred and cannot be trusted with the greatest office onearth.

Aclip of Trump in 2015 was played, which showed him mocking a reporteras Democrats depicted, claims which Donald had denied.

Immediately,Anastasia Somoza an advocate for physically challenged, came on stageand expressed her fears of Trump’s presidency.

Shereinstated that Trump does not represent the interest of physicallychallenged people and especially hers. Many Democrats shunned the“make America great again,’’ a campaign claim by Trump’steam, as a fallacy and lie.

MichelleObama specifically stated that America is a great country and no oneshould lie to the Americans that it is not.

Hillary,the Champion and Clintons Darling

Someof the Democrat speakers at the Democratic National Convention hailedClinton as a fighter of justice for the poor and weak.

Oneevent that was used to stress this point was the 9/11. She wascredited to have stood firm with the nation in its worst moments(9/11).

Shewas also credited for championing for women rights and fightingagainst human trafficking in not only the USA, but across the world.The speakers were passionate and used real life experiences to hailClinton.

Howbest can you end the night than to have your better half tell aromantic story of how you met and how amazing you have been to himand the country? Still, the question is, will this be enough to takeout Trump?

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