Appropriate disciplinary action

Appropriatedisciplinary action

Appropriatefight disciplinary action for employees in shift situation


Ashift worker is considered to be anyone who follows a particular workschedule that is usually outside the typical 8 to 5 business day. Theaspect of a shift worker can also be referred to as a companyemployee who usually work and get an extra payment for working ashift hours (Guo,Yuan, Archer, &amp Connelly, 2011 pp 205).Shift work is considered to be an employment practice that is usuallydeliberated so as to make use of or offer services over the whole 24hours each day of the week. The essay articulate on the properdisciplinary action for the employees implicated in fight in shiftsituation, developing performance standards for the shift workers andgrafting diverse procedures and policies that could be utilized inthe guidance and management of performance of the shift employees.

Appropriatedisciplinary action involved employees in shift situation

Inthe case scenario, the shift workers employees have a disciplinarycase to answer. In this particular situation, the involvedindividuals will get their respective notification in writing sincethe notification will have all the details of the fight and possibleconsequences such as dismissal or suspension. These particularnotifications will enable the employees to prepare for the scheduleddisciplinary meeting between the discipline committee and him or her.The next aspect will involve holding a forum with all the companyemployees because, in this forum, all the involved parties will raiseor air all their respective grievances so that it can be heard. Laterall those involved in the altercation will have to attend thedisciplinary meeting held that will definitely determine their formof reprimand (Lukic,Littlejohn, &amp Margaryan, 2012 pp 955).The affected employees will receive a written form of communicationthat is a warning letter and the suitable change of their behaviorneeded and the timescale for the anticipated change. In thisparticular situation, the company management should hold all theemployees in violation accountable so as to avoid an aspect ofreoccurrences. Conversely, before the management interferes with theissue, I will request the two affected groups to put all theirdifferences aside and work for the enhancement of the companyproduction.

Performancestandard for the shift workers


Trainingis an important performance standard that can be employed so as toprevent the reoccurrence of the in the disciplinary case among theemployees. In this particular situation, I will call up for a meetingfor all the company employees. In the meeting, I will advise all theemployees to carry out the planned training so as to reduce anypossibility of indiscipline cases. In the training, the employeeswill learn about the aspect of teamwork and how to act when they arefaced with hostile situations because the nature of their work mightstress them. I will also ask the two fighting groups to come up withdiverse solutions to the problem because giving the two groups withan opportunity to contribute to the solutions will embracetogetherness and humility in the workplace.

Beforeand after work meetings

Inthe respective meeting, I will also emphasize the importance of eachshift and their duties, roles and responsibilities so as to ensurethat each party plays his or her role with due diligence and avoidany case of misunderstanding in the company (Guoet al. 2011 pp 2010).In the meeting, I will also inform them that they can always consultmy office in case of any grievances or concerns as doing this aspectwill reduce any possibility of conflict among them.

Policiesand procedures

Thepolicies that I will provide to all the shifts include

Finishingthe assigned work on time

Allthe shifts in the workplace have the mandate of finishing theassigned work on time so as to reduce any possible conflict betweenthe subsequent shifts. If a particular work is incomplete, all theemployees in that shift will have to come back and ensure that theassigned work is complete and of high quality.


Beforethe start of any particular shift, all employees will have to attenda meeting where they will get to know all the aspects that are neededof them in the shift. Doing this aspect, it will ensure that everyshift has a clear conscience on what they are needed to do at theworkplace. The shift workers will only leave after the completion ofthese duties and responsibilities, and they will also have to signoff with their immediate supervisors who will ensure that they haveexecuted all the assigned tasks.

Conductingperformance appraisal

Iwill utilize performance appraisal as another policy and procure thatwill offer guidance and management of performance on the employees(Megranahan,2014).I will draft the staff appraisals that both the supervisors and theemployees will have to fill accordingly for the purpose of my review.The performance appraisal policy and procure will ensure that theshift workers carry out their assigned duties accordingly so as toensure that the responsibility objectives are attained.


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