Annotated Bibliography Assignment


AnnotatedBibliography Assignment

IntergovernmentalPanel on Climate Change. (2015).&nbspClimatechange 2014: Mitigation of climate change [ vol 3].New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Thisarticle offers a comprehensive as well as transparent evaluation ofrelevant options for reducing climate change through preventing orlimiting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and activities that mitigatetheir concentrations in the atmosphere. According to the article,although there are an increasing number of mitigation policies,greenhouse gas emissions have risen over the past decade (IPCC,2015). Also, the source offers an inclusive evaluation of thebehavioral and technical mitigation options that are available in thebuildings, transport, energy, and land-use sectors. Furthermore, thearticle has provided an assessment of the different policy optionsacross governance levels from the local scale to the internationallevel.

Thearticle can be categorized as a scholarly source because it has beenpublished by Cambridge University Press, which is an academicorganization. Since the university has been involved in issuing thereport, it implies that sufficient research in the area of focus hasbeen carried out accordingly. Therefore, the information that thearticle provides can be relied upon.

Thesource is of immense importance to the research being carried sinceit provides crucial information concerning the greenhouse gasemissions and the options that can be used in mitigating them, bothtechnologically and application of behavioral means. The knowledge ofthe different mitigation options is critical in the research becauseit can be utilized in eliminating or preventing an increase in theGHG emissions, which can bring significant contributions to theenvironment.

Gosling,S. N., &amp Arnell, N. W. (2016). A global assessment of the impactof climate change on water scarcity.&nbspClimaticChange,&nbsp134(3),371-385. Retrieved from DOI: 10.1007/s10584-013-0853-x.

Accordingto the reference, projections of water scarcity depend on populationchange and emissions scenario. This article provides informationconcerning an evaluation of the effects of climate change on thescarcity of water. The researchers used Water Stress Index and theWater Crowding Index in calculating exposure to decreases andincreases in international water scarcity emanating from climatechange. According to the article, a significant proportion of theinsecurity in the global-scale impact of climate change on waterscarcity is because of the uncertainty in the estimates for East Asiaand South Asia (Gosling &amp Arnell, 2016). The article also pointsout that more of the world is likely to see an increase in exposureto the scarcity of water compared to a decrease because of climatechange, but this will not be consistent across all the climate changepatterns.

Thesource can be classified as scholarly because it has been written foran academic audience. This can be indicated by the information thatthe article provides the report is about climate change, which is acentral matter to individuals and institutions wishing to know moreabout climate. Besides, it can be categorized as scholarly becausethe body involved in the research has immense knowledge on thematters being investigated. This being the case, the informationoffered by this reference can be considered reliable.

Thereference is applicable to the research because it helps inunderstanding an association between water scarcity and climatechange. This is vital to the research because it can help inproviding information that can be utilized in conducting furtherresearch in the future.

EPA.(2016, April 15). 04/15/2016: EPA publishes 21st Annual U.S.Greenhouse Gas Inventory. Retrieved from!OpenDocument

Thisreference offers information concerning an overview of the nationalgreenhouse gas emissions since 1990. The article indicates that therewas a nine percent decline in the emissions since the year 2005, butthere was a one percent increase in GHG emissions in 2014 from the2013 levels (EPA,2015).The source posits that greenhouse gasses are the chief driver ofclimate change and the impacts of climate alterations have beenevident in the United States. These effects have become a threat toAmerican’s health through affecting air and water quality as wellas food safety (EPA,2015).

Thesource is a scholarly reference because the information has beenresearched and provided by EPA, which is a body that has a lot ofknowledge or expertise in the area of study. This being the case, thedata provided in the article can be indicated as reliable.

Theinformation provided in the reference can be applied in the researchbecause it offers data that is critical to understanding greenhousehouse emissions and their contributions to the environment. Theinformation is crucial since it can be used in the current researchas well as others that will be completed in the future.