Analysis of the Betrothed

Analysisof the Betrothed

The novel Betrothedby Alessandro Manzoni illustrates the unwavering strength that lovepossesses and the hypocritical nature of some characters as well as ahistorical account of the period when Spain was ruling over Italy.The first two chapters focus on the romance between Renzo and Luciaand how Don Rodrigointerferes with their marriage plans.This essay looks at Betrothed’s first and second, third and fourthchapter and how Manzoni uses a conservative approach in revealing thetheme of romance he even uses a story within a story and describeshow the characters place their trust in God as well.

In this case, Manzoni deviatesfrom mere passion and the lust that the modern romantic narrationsfocus on. In fact, most of the romantic novels nowadays insist on thesteamy scenes that might seem inappropriate for the Christian readersthat prefer narrations that are a bit conservative. It is interestinghow a reader will not find even a single kiss, yet the novel focuseson the romantic theme throughout. The novel honors the elements ofmarriage and virginity that aligns with the Christian principles.Renzo visits Lucia in the presence of her mother, Agnese, showing howrespectful he is. Renzo also considers Agnese as his mother anaspect that proves he is ready to place their relationship on theChristian virtues (Manzoni,1900).

In the first four chapters ofthe story, the narrator is simply recounting an old book that waswritten by an unknown chronicler. Hence, the style is more like astory within a story that also makes the reader understands the plotsince he digs deeper into the conscious of the characters. Thecongenial storyteller keeps suggesting comments and opinions apartfrom recounting the entire story. The story even incorporates anumber of historical events and not just a story of two lovers. Mostof the writers focus on either pure fiction or history only but,Manzoni fuses the two genres to create a romantic novel. As Manzonidescribes the romantic scenes between the two, he also gives thehistorical accounts of the war, famine, the pestilence and even howpeople died in the region. In the process, one can even understandhow the events occurred and the harm it created in the society.

In the first four chapters,Manzoni reveals how the rich and powerful like DonRodrigo ignored thelaws preferred impunity to honesty while Renzo and Lucia believe thatprayers is the solution. They have even used the hired killers incoercing their enemies to comply with everything they want. However,the same society still possesses some shreds of the Christian valuesthat show hope. In the process, even Fra Cristoforo taught Lucia andRenzo the appropriate way that they should pray (Manzoni,1900). In this case,the prayers have strengthened their spirituality, and they consultGod before they implement a decision. In fact, the chapters provethat the challenges will often be inevitable in life however, thetrust one has on the God’s ability might have a positive impact ona person instead.

Inconclusion, the first two chapters reveal the romance, the storywithin a story as well as the trust that the characters have in God.In this case, he illustrates the love between Renzo and Lucia as theytry to overcome the various challenges they are facing. The narrationillustrates the true love since they also comply with the Christianvirtues in doing so. Apart from that, the story within a story leadsthe readers into the minds of the characters. The characters revealhow Don Rodrigo isheartless while the Renzo and Lucia have placed their trust onprayers and God.


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