American Sniper


AmericanSniper is a film that holds much meaning and symbolism in its settingcharacters, themes, and institution. Research has termed this movieto be less of war than a western movie (Scott). Based on thecharacter Chris Kyle’s life, from a simple Texan boy to a greatAmerican soldier, director Clint Eastwood addresses a countlessnumber of themes and portrays the stand of America on various frontsin the global community. The script of the film focuses on the lifeof Chris Kyle. Kyle grows up in Texas surrounded by the Texan gunculture and full of the cowboy virtues, morals, and way of life. Symbolically, his father is placed as an important character thatreinforces these virtues and toughens young Kyle for the future life.One would argue that the director uses Texas as a symbol to representAmerica at its early days. The film gives a taste of the Westernculture before the acts of terror and the race to arms.

Affectedby the attack on the World Trade Centre on Sept 11, 2001, Kyle stepsup and gets enlisted in the Navy. After the wedding to his wife Taya,Kyle joins the Navy and grows to become one of America’s sharpestsnipers. The film goes on to show Kyle during his four tours of dutyin Iraq and fighting an enemy group ‘AlQa eda.’ The movierevolves around the moments that Kyle experienced and his contestedwar with his opposite equal Mustafa, who is an Iraqi sniper andformer Olympics marksman. The film adapts the setting of violencefilled with practical knowledge and acute calculation (Scott). Aftera Hero’s war and victory, Kyle returns home and suffers from PTSD.The film then introduces a veteran administration therapist who isable to assist Kyle to reattach with family as the movie ends leavingthe audience unable to forge a distinct reaction.

Asociological focus on the film brings out a young boy from Texascourageously into urban Iraq fighting an enemy who does not wear auniform. The film attempts to bring out the American rural cultureand the love for family. An attack on his homeland drives Kyle to warto defend his home. In his way of war, the exposesthe American morality of war. Kyle does not shoot a boy holding agrenade launcher and yet kills a woman and child carrying suicidebombs. The death of Kyle that apparently does not have a cinematicexplanation brings out the question behind the second amendment. Onewonders whether the guns are meant to protect the population and ifso, how did Kyle survive Iraq and yet never made it as a damagedsoldier.

ClintEastwood’s focus on the themes of vengeance and justice in a fallenworld is quite vivid in his setting and symbolism (Scott). Thedirector develops the film in a world filled with evil, and wherebrutal violence and justice must be upheld in the service of good.Kyle avenges the death of his friend by a miraculous bullet after atug of war with his opposing Iranian number. One would go further toargue that, being born and raised in a rural home, Kyle has strictmoral guidelines of justice and morality. As an American soldier, heis focused on executing what is right and what is wrong fearlessly ina broken world.


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