American Football Game

AmericanFootball Game

AmericanFootball Game a Houston Texans Game

AmericanFootball game takes place during the Houston Texas Games season.Attending American football game is memorable and interestingexperience. Most people confuse the game with soccer. Notably, thegame is more popular than soccer in the United States because it is avery stimulating and exciting (Camp,2010).To begin with, American football is composed of 11 players from eachteam at any given time. It requires all the players to have speed andpower. They have to be fast runners so that they can easily pass theball to their fellow teammates and also score a touchdown. Forinstance, an American football player playing as a quarterback has agreater responsibility than any other player in the team since he isrequired to pass the ball more quickly and accurately to histeammates (Camp,2010).A quarterback is a key man and he should have extremely high speedbecause if he holds the ball for a longer period of time, theopponents may easily block him. Each player has a crucial role toplay whether it is defending, tackling, running, throwing, kicking,catching or blocking. Their contribution is critical for a goodperformance and victory to the team.

Equallyimportant, most of the American football players are very energeticand muscular. Their bodies are well built so that they can be in aposition to defend or block their opponents without much difficulty(Camp,2010).Also, the game is characterized by a lot of running and stopping withvery minimal continuous play. As much as American football isaggressive and requires the players to have power and speed, it hasrules and regulations just like any other game. The rules are meantto ensure that the players are safe and they play a fair match. Also,each player in American football puts on a protective gear, forinstance, they wear shoulder pads to protect them from any injurieswhen they are playing. Usually, the game lasts between 5-6 secondswhich is then followed by a pause of between 25-40 seconds.

Itis also important to note that American football has greatlyattracted more viewers and fans from all parts of the globe. It is avery attractive sport just like athletics, rugby, soccer, and boxing.Another aspect that makes the game more interesting is the closecoordination portrayed by the players. Teamwork, strategy,commitment, unity, toughness, strength and good communication aremandatory for American football players. These traits are verycrucial for them to win any game. Team unity is exhibited in variousways. For example, if an American football player has the ball and isabout to score a touchdown, his fellow teammates have to protect himfrom the players of the other team whom they are playing with. Byprotecting him, the player is able to run quicker to the opposite endzone and score a touchdown easily (Camp,2010).

Inaddition, attending American football is a thrilling experiencebecause of the different rules used compared to soccer. Notably, theplayers of American football have more body contact as opposed to thesoccer players. This makes the game be more aggressive. The game hasgrown all over the years, gaining more popularity. It is consideredto be part and parcel of the American culture (Camp,2010).


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