AICP Exam Application

AICPExam Application

Criterion2: Demonstration a Comprehensive Point of View when ImplementingProfessional Planning Tasks

TheChief of Operations for the Oconee County Board of Educationapproached me regarding development in the area. There was anexisting and a proposed residential construction in the County, andthe potential impacts of residential development on existing schooldistricts and locations had to be established.

Imet with the COO and agreed to establish a direct line ofcommunication between the COO and myself to provide current andhistorical residential development trends. Specifically regarding thenumber of residential permits being issued and importantly, wherepermits are being issued. I received permission from the PlanningDirector to pursue and create a method of providing the schooldistrict with the information. At the time of rezoning land, Irequired all proposed residential projects be sent to the COO forreview and comment. It was primarily to improve the notification ofpotential impact. Technically, because the BOC I serve is autonomousfrom the BOE as a separate governing body entirely. An inter-localagreement would have been required to be adopted by both bodiesbefore I could begin working with the COO. I felt the public trustwould be substantially served in working with the school districtdespite the lack of an adopted agreement. I later obtained thecurrent County data on the proposed and existing residentialdevelopment, existing bus routes, and student population count aftermeeting the COO and the fleet bus director. Using GIS, I prepared aparcel and a roadway map showing the locations of existing andproposed residential developments in contrast with the existingschool district boundaries and the location of all existing schoolfacilities. I then created and provided the fleet bus directortogether with the COO overlay maps of school bus routes. I included aspreadsheet listing out each development and the total number ofallowed dwelling units which could potentially be located in eachdevelopment on the maps. Each development is numbered in conjunctionwith the permit data on the spreadsheet. Illustrating clearly wherepermits are being issued and what school districts are affected. Iincluded a building permit data as current as the prior week for eachactive development and dwelling unit data for proposed residentialprojects which have not been developed. I created the map andassociated spreadsheet to enable anyone to input new data simply, andtabulations would be calculated automatically. I attended multipleschool board meetings and continued to meet with the COO regardingpinpointing a new school site location. I recommended to the COO toconsider all of the residential development and school district datain comparison to the location of existing County utility lines,primarily sewer. I modified the data illustrated on the map toinclude locations of existing and proposed water and sewer lines andproposed roadway improvements. I later informed the COO aboutpossible relocations and displacements which could result in studentsmoving to other school districts. However, I stated that the projectis more likely to create employment and business opportunities. Itcould also attract jobs that pay higher wages when compared to whenthere is no project alternative. I estimated the economic vitality ofthe county to increase. On the other hand, the revenue losses of theproperties will somehow be counterbalanced by a long-term increase inthe value of property related to residential development in thestation areas. I managed to inform the OCC and the fleet bus directorabout how the school transportation will slightly be affected. Thebuses will not use the same routes but instead travel away becausethe existing roads will be used to create boundaries for severalschools. The modification of the roads will also affect the routingand access to school buses because of roadway closures but in thelong run, alternative routes will be offered. For five years, I’vemaintained the permit data, and I frequently provide the informationto the BOE in the hopes the information enables that body has thebest information possible to select a new school site.