Admission Essay for Physical Therapy School

AdmissionEssay for Physical Therapy School

AdmissionEssay for Physical Therapy School

AlthoughI did not initially start out pursuing a career in physical therapy,my life familiarities have ultimately led me to this path. I havealways had consideration for leadership positions because I usuallyview myself as a people-oriented person. I have prior experience inmatters of therapy since I was in the physical therapy school inCalifornia, but I had to move back to Chicago since my mother wasill. She suffered a stroke, and since I am her only child andsupport, I had to leave school in California and take care of her. Asa student of therapy school, taking care of her has enabled me tolearn a lot regarding how the treatment works and how a therapystudent can utilize their knowledge in a real-life scenario.

Backin the physical therapy school in California, I was also a residentadvisor for freshmen students for the entire period I attended theschool. Such a position enabled me to acquire some skills on how todeal with people who are experiencing hard times in their lives. Ihave grown to be fond of working with people who want to grow andbecome better individuals in their lives and the society as well.This love for helping people, who are in need of my services, hashelped me to make a decision to pursue a career as a physicaltherapist. My personal characteristics and experiences have alsohelped me by acting as motivating factors to continue this careerpath. Excelling in the field of physical therapy requires a personwith the passion for helping people since a therapist comes acrosspeople with different characters.

Ialso gained a lot of experience during my internship at a skillednursing facility in California where I stayed for seven weeks. Thestaff, at the facility was excellent it enabled me acquire muchskills and professionalism, as a physical therapist student. Iacquired a lot of skills at the institution, such as accountability,integrity, and communication. My supervisor in the facility made meunderstand that integrity is extremely important for a physicaltherapist because patients trust you by judging how honest andmorally upright you are. Accountability also plays a great role inshaping a physical therapist in that he/she must be accountable forwhatever happens in their sphere of influence. As an intern, I wasalso made to understand that communication is important since itensures that the therapist and the patient understand each otherwell.

Mypassion for this career also increased after working at an outpatientsport and pediatric rehab. Working in such a facility helped merealize that leadership skills are also necessary for theprofessionalism of a physical therapist. Every patient looks up toyou for directions thus, as a leader you must have the needed skillsto help them. What motivates a physical therapist is a positivefeedback that they get from the patients. While working at thepediatric rehab, I enjoyed the positive feedback that I got from thechildren because it was incredible. It boosted me to work harder andincrease the professionalism of my job.

Ihave always been drawn towards the health care field and being in thephysical therapy department gives me that satisfaction.Professionalism in any field is enhanced by passion and desire toexcel in whatever someone does. The positive feedback that I receivedincreased my desire to experience a long-term growth in the field andestablish a personal relationship with patients.