Ihave been raised in a family that believes firmly in Christiandoctrines, where morals guide the actions of our daily lives. In mycase, I chose to discuss the issue of abortion which has always beenhotly debated in many discussion forums. Personally, I believe thatabortion is wrong as it goes against the will of God by encouragingimmorality. But, after reading the believing game, I tried to look atthe issue with an open mind by critically analyzing the points thathave been put forward in its support. Trying to understand the ideasand what formed the opinions of those who did no support my view. Ichose to analyze three issues, which I found to be convincing and hadI opened my attention to them before maybe I would have viewed themdifferently.

Forinstance, the issue of getting the help of professionally authorizedabortion minimizes the risks caused by illegal and unsafe ones(ProCon.org).The view is true many people have had adverse side effects fromtrying to adopt unorthodox abortion methods, which caused eitherdeath or barrenness. The question is, should we let people risk theirlives by committing those practices that are dangerous by giving ablind eye or should we help them do it safely? Whether you help them,or you don’t, they will still commit an abortion. This view enablesyou to see beyond abortion, and you become conscious in formulatingpolicies that promote better health standards by evaluating all risksthat might occur as a result of the action. When you believe thisview, you will notice that its supporters are not entirely wrong, andare only concerned about the negative consequences. The idea might betrue when abortion is illegal, and still, a person is determined tocommit it. The person might seek means which are unsafe, henceendangering their life.

Secondly,I considered the fact that women are beings who have their will andcontrol of their lives (ProCon.org).This is a principle upon which the Christian doctrine, the one Ibelieve is founded in. Thus, the view is based on free will thathumans were given by God, believing this view I would see that thebasis of this point is derived from Christian beliefs. The view mightbe true when a person is raped and becomes pregnant. It is logicalthat a woman should be allowed to decide what she wants, thus openingthe doors for abortion.

Finally,I considered the view that unwanted children should not be born(ProCon.org).What is interesting about this view is that, why should you getpregnant if you had no intention to keep the baby? But then, if youbecome pregnant and notice that your child might risk your life, orthere are issues of abnormalities, and the parent does not want tokeep the baby, should we let the mother keep it despite thosepressing issues? Also, what life would a child have if her mothernever wanted to bear it? Thus, these views become very influentialwhen we look at the above issue.


Thus,despite divergent views, if we take our time and analyze ouropponent’s opinions, we will realize that they are sensible and notentirely invalids, just as the believing game teaches in Inkblotimages. What is different is only our understanding of ideas, whichdoes not necessary mean that there are those that are wrong in theirexpressions.


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