A Term used to define myself

ATerm used to define myself



Exquisiteis a term used to connote feelings such as pleasure or pain which areextremely strong. Similarly, it can be used to explain the qualitiesof living things which are exceptionally great (Chiarlone &ampWeiner, 2012). Additionally, it can also be used as an adjective toimply intense pain or being keen when doing a certain activity. It isapplied in numerous ways to reflect on activities or things whichhave remarkable characteristics. As a noun, the word means a personwho is accurate, keen and dresses elegantly. It can also imply aperson who is highly skilled in carrying out specific activities(Chiarlone &amp Weiner, 2012). In brief, the word means the best ofthe best. It is often used as a descriptive to attach substantialmeaning to a sentence in order to explain more on a thing or anactivity which has been presented in a specific way, with all thesalient aspects coherent in the object or activity explored in itshighest state.

Thehistoryand background of the word

Thehistory of the word exquisite can be traced back to the late MiddleEnglish era when it was used to mean precise (Vajda, 2015). It wasderived from the Latin word exquisite which meant “to sought out:’the verb “exquirere” was also used to derive the word. In Latinthe word means, to seek.

Howthe word exquisite goes with me

Theword exquisite makes meaning to me especially in the traits which Ipossess. One of my strengths in life is that when I do things, I justaim at getting the most excellent results. In other words, I alwayswant to be the best. In building relationships with other people Iconduct myself in an exceptional way in that, I desire therelationships that I create with people to be outstanding. Precisely,I can be termed as an exquisite person.

Thefunctioning of the word

Theword can function as an adjective, noun or an adverb (Vajda, 2015).This, however, depends on the meaning which the word wants to conveyin a sentence. For instance, the word is used in a sentence to implya highly skilled art or activity. For example “an exquisite gold’.In addition, it can serve the purpose to mean intense or keen. Toillustrate, one can say that, I suffered exquisite pain meaning thatthe suffering was extremely painful. Furthermore, the word can beused to expound that an activity or object is outstanding. &quotAguy who knew all the jazz spots had an exquisite collection of old78s&quot (Shirley Abbott).

Besides,the word can be used to mean exceptional beauty or charm. For example“The diamond jewel was exquisite” .When used as a noun the worddefines a person who is immensely fastidious in dress, taste, andmanner. The word can be modified by an adverb to expound on howactivities are done. She is exquisitely beautiful.


Inthe light of the above discussion, it can be pointed out that theword exquisite can be used in a sentence to illustrate differentmeanings. It can be used as an adjective or as a noun. When used asan adjective the word further brings it various implicationsdepending on the contexts which it is used. It can be used to bringout the meaning of the sentences depending on the intensity which isbeing implied in the sentence. When used as a noun it vividly means aperson who dresses exceptionally. It is important to note that aperson who does things in an exceptional manner can be said to beexquisite.


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