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Types of Marble and Their Best Uses

Marble tiles are very special because they have a magic ability to make it look like your home is wrapped up in luxury. For many owners and home decor creators, there is no substitute for this majestic marble.  There are a lot of varieties of marble that can be used in your home. White marble still remains something for the classy decors. It has been used in the buildings, hotels, luxury homes etc for ages now. All the marble tiles have their own personal intricacies. They are used for various purposes and also in different types of spaces. Marble is a stone which is calcium rich. This means that it changes over time with use, making marble a unique idea. This is also very true in the case of white marble because then the imperfections are more visible. If you take care of the marble it remains in perfect shape. Here are some uses of Tile Shop Sydney with marble types.

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Carrara Marble: The Carrara marble has got a very clean look with subtle grey hues then Carrara Marble is the best choice for you. There is a contrasting veining of white and grey which makes it really possible for people to spot it.

Carracata Marble: This is an Italian marble which comes from a quarry in Italy. It is a highly valued and favored marble stone for Marble Tiles Sydney. They have a very dramatic looking white tone with a mixture of beige and grey tones. It is typically used for kitchen and bathroom.

Thassos Marble: The Thassos marble is crystal white in color and it is very special because it comes from the island of Thassos in Greece. It is an excellent ingredient for reflecting light and brightening up a place.

The mystery white marble is a stone that has been used for centuries. It gives off a very clean and pure look with the cream colored veining looking very attractive. Alternatively, the white Himalaya marble is also a great choice.

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