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Tips and Ideas for Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party

The most important thing you can do when planning a kid’s party is to find out what kids like and to ASK your child to take part in planning the party. Get his/her special requests for themes, food, factory direct party supplies, decorations, attendees, activities, etc.

Involving your child in the planning process will ensure he is pleased with the schedule of events and will take pride in telling his guests that it was his idea to have certain activities, food, etc during the party.

In addition, plan one or maybe two special surprises so that your youngster isn’t totally 'in the know'.

Parents too often make the mistake of expecting themselves to have the perfect birthday party. Take that monkey off your back this instant!

Your child will have a more positive experience when she can see that Mom and Dad are also enjoying themselves – kids know when parents are feeling pressured or stressed.

Work to achieve a birthday party where your will feel special. The goal is NOT to spoil the birthday kid. Don’t allow your planning to become so cumbersome that you are overly rushed and feeling frantic to get everything accomplished in the last minute.

Plan your child’s party in a way that you have the necessary help you need, and begin the planning process well before the actual date of the party to ensure plenty of time for shopping and pre-party activities.

Rest assured parents – your best effort, given your other responsibilities, WILL be good enough. Just make sure your child knows he/she is loved and appreciated.


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