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Things to Look for When Selecting an Invoice Finance Provider

It's vital that you pick the best provider for your bill finance conditions. We recommend you follow these 5 simple steps when looking for and picking an invoice factoring supplier.

1. Customer service is key

Making certain the provider deals with you and quickly is vitally important since this can be the difference in getting funds straight off or having to wait weeks or days. You can find more information about working capital solution for innovative business from various web sources.

2. Do not get tied into a lengthy contract

Be careful, most suppliers tie customers into a 12 month period with expensive leave fees in the event the contract period is broken.

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3. Reputability and Reliability

Don't choose a supplier who isn't well known in the industry. Ensure that you consult with the market body; ABFA who will have all respectable providers listed on their website.

4. Don't pay above the odds

Invoice Finance comes in a cost and suppliers provide a selection of prices varying from cheap to expensive determined on which you choose. Do your research and see that a few suppliers to discover how much that the facility will likely cost.

5. Positive Finances for you personally along with your supplier

You pick an invoice finance provider to release cash but ensure your supplier also has favorable cash-flow.

Invoice Factoring allows you to release cash for your company using your invoices as security. You continue to supply services and products to your customers and we collect the payments.

You no longer need to pay staff in your credit control team, as we will manage the credit management for you.


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