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Should You Use a HEPA Filter to Remove Mold in Your Home?

It can be a bit scary to find mold somewhere in your home. Some people have suffered from black mold for years and have never known. They simply assume that their health problems are because of outside factors, genetics, or just a time of the year.

If you ever feel like you may be going through allergies for the entirety of the year, you may have a mold problem. While you will certainly need to get rid of the mold, you may need some help keeping it out of your lungs. If you use a HEPA filter, you can get rid of the mold spores that are floating through the air.

Now, you may be wondering, do they remove mold? By themselves, HEPA filters don’t magically remove mold. However, they will keep the mold from spreading to other areas of the home. If the spores float around enough, it will spread to other surfaces and only grow from there.

You will need to remove the mold yourself, either by scrubbing it or getting a mold removal professional to help with it. It can be pretty expensive, but it’s better to remove it than let it sit. It affects your health as much as something like poison or toxic substances, considering black mold puts out mycotoxins. These can cause a lot of problems and even leads to diseases.

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