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Must-Have Swim Safety Gear for Kids

It is essential to take proper safety measures when it comes to swimming or any water activities that are designed for kids. Purchasing safety gear can lessen the dangers and risks that come with swimming. The right safety gear and precautionary measures can make swimming enjoyable for kids as well as yourself.

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Following are some of the safety gear that you must invest in for your kid's health and safety:

1.    Goggles

It is animportant safety gear as it improves the wearer's vision underwater. Moreover, it also helps in protecting the swimmer’s eyes from both chlorinated and simple water. They have silicon or rubber edging that provides with a watertight seal around the eyes. It also prevents water from getting in the goggles. Now goggles with anti-fog coating are also available.

2.    Nose Plugs

Nose plugs are especially designed for keeping water out of the nose while swimming or doing any other underwater activities. If chlorinated water is inhaled it can cause irritation of the nose. These are available in different materials and designs.

3.    Earplugs

Similar to goggles and nose plugs these are designed for keeping water out of the ear canal. These are usually made from a form like material. It enables kids to swim easily without getting any water in their ears. Chlorinated water can cause ear infections so make sure your kid never swims without earplugs.

Also, make sure that swimwear from Australia that you have bought has SPF protection so that kids do not get sunburnt.

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