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How to Make Vegan Smoothies

Mixing vegetables and fruits together may not be exactly appealing at the thought, but just try these basic mixes and you'll be amazed at how good they really are. All are made from natural fruits, juice and veggies. Some recipes for smoothies require soy milk or rice milk but if you don't like the thought of it, just eliminate the milk and you are good to go.

The best appliance I purchased for making fruit drinks is the Magic Bullet. First shown for sale on TV, The Magic Bullet appealed to me for a great quick way to mix a drink with little clean up! It is easy to use, compact and the mixing cup is the same cup you can drink out of! I keep mine on the kitchen counter and use it all the time. Each cup is for single serving uses. So if you want one fruit drink, put in your ingredients, mix it, enjoy it, then take out the blade and rinse it off, grab another cup, put in different fruit, mix it and instantly you've created another drink for someone else. Each mix takes maybe 20 seconds to blend! How great is that! There are different blades to use, depending on what you are blending. I've made chicken salad in it, salsa, apple sauce and fruit drinks. I have also seen The Magic Bullet on sale at my local Eckerds Pharmacy. The Magic Bullet comes with directions and recipes.

Another appliance I have is the Jack La Lane Power Juicer. This is great for juicing larger quantities of fruits and vegetables and you don't have to peel them. The only thing I don't like is that it is bulky, heavy and clean up is a little time consuming. The center blade, which is extremely sharp, must be screwed out using the special tool that comes with the juicer, to clean. The catch cup can get very messy so I put a plastic bag in it to act as a liner and all I do is throw the bag with all the skins in it right into the garbage, which eliminates the clean up of that. Also, when the juice begins to pour out, it comes out slowly, you actually need quite a bit of fruits and vegetables to get a decent amount of juice. I found I also have to tip the juicer forward as it nears the end of the fruit squashing to get every drop. But all in all, it does make a great juice! The Jack La Lane Power Juicer comes with instructions and recipes.

One of the best summer drinks I make on a daily basis is mixed using my Magic Bullet. I put together cut up watermelon (no peel), a few red seedless grapes and about half a peeled cucumber, cut up, into the cup. I press down on the Magic Bullet for about 10 seconds, making sure all the cucumber chunks are juiced, and instantly I have a great healthy cool drink! You can add cantaloupe and honey dew melon chunks, too. Apples have a tendency of coming out more like apple sauce than juice, so just add more liquid, like orange juice or apple juice to thin the mix out. Strawberries, kiwi, blueberries all are wonderful combinations to mix with watermelon or juice.

Smoothies can be made in the Magic Bullet or regular blender. For the vegan, mix fresh berries, or frozen berries with soy yogurt. Oranges I suggest putting in a regular blender to ensure mixing is complete. Soy rice milk and oranges or soy yogurt is like eating a creamsicle. You can also chop up ice with your mix.

Depending on how thick you like your drinks, start out with an even amount of yogurt and fruit, then cut back the fruit if it gets to watery. Too thick, just add juice as necessary.

Color coordinate drinks for holidays. Use green fruits/veggies for Christmas or St. Patrick's Day parties. Cucumbers, kiwi, green grapes mixed with soy yogurt or fat free yogurt for the non-vegan, is a great "green" smoothie. Use oranges, cantaloupe and red seedless grapes for Halloween with yogurt.

Don't be afraid to try different items together. If it's in your refrigerator, try it. Believe it or not, sweet red pepper juices too! It's a little strong in the taste so just use a small slice. Watermelon can definitely take the place of adding juice, as it consists mainly of water. Try two or three fruits first, see how you like the flavor. Add cucumbers, just a couple pieces at first if you are skeptical. It's so healthy to drink. I like a lot of cucumbers and you can smell them as you drink it, so be cautious when surprising someone with a concoction you came up with. You don't have to say EXACTLY what's in the drinks, just say "here, try this!"

Fresh vegetables and fruits are the healthiest all natural foods you can eat. Mix some up today! Get in to a routine on a daily basis. You'll feel great, and it will taste great! As winter approaches, though, you will have limited pickings for fresh fruits, but frozen berries of all kinds are perfect, such as black berries, strawberries, blueberries. Smoothies can be made year round!

You can find more smoothie making guide on SmoothieInsight.

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