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Anatomy of a Domain Name


Buying a domain is not a difficult task. Yet, many people do not understand the terms such as domain name, top-level domain and third-level domain. Let’s look at an example in order to understand domain names.

The above address consists of 3 important parts.

  1. Before the dot.
  2. Between the dot.
  3. After the dot.

From right to left, these are the portions of the example.

  1. .com is the Top-Level Domain (TLD).
  2. Mybusiness is the Second-Level Domain.
  3. While www is the Subdomain.

The most important part of this example is the one between the dots “mybusiness”. This is called as domain. For a domain, these are some of the rules you need to follow.

  1. You cannot put a space while domain naming.
  2. Domains do not have any case sensitive based letters.
  3. 63 is the maximum characters used for domain.
  4. You can include a dash or number on a domain.
  5. No special character is allowed on domain such as $, ^, % etc.

The combination of domain and top-level domain leads to the formation of domain name. Domain name is also called as “Website Address” in other technical term.

The Sub-domain (part before the dot) however, is the additional part that makes it complicated. A website in reality has many parts similar to domain’s location. These are some examples.

  1. mail.mybusiness.com
  2. blog.mybusiness.com
  3. stuff.mybusiness.com

It is important to understand the example before you buy domain for any purpose.

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