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Aiming for Traffic with SEO

Try searching Google for any kind of brand name. Most of the results you get in the top 10 will be from the company website. If your search term happens that the name of the store or brand, you'll get several results in the top 10 out of that store. One of the latest innovations to Google search has been what they call domain stacking. This is very important for any business trying SEO optimization. Have you ever found that as you type in the name of a brand, that the first three results are from a complaint website? Domain stacking will make sure that all the top results come from your company's website and nowhere else, and help protect your reputation.

The only problem with SEO optimization of this kind is that Google doesn't do domain stacking for every brand. So how do you get domain stacking for your company? Let's look at some of the best practices that should help you achieve this. To begin with, Google will only offer you domain stacking if you have a website that is considered an authority in its field. But there is something that is even more important than authority: the more inlinking domains a website has, the better its chances. Just having a lot of links doesn't matter – it's inlinking that does. Search your website with the 'inurl' operator. Do something like Brand inurl: domainname. You'll get all the best and most relevant webpages on your site in the list. These are the ones that will show up if you get domain stacking according to Dave Simpson who is Chief SEO consultant with Azzurro Blu, a leading SEO agency in Aberdeen.

Make sure that you get those pages lots of links in your own site. And make sure that links to those pages are easily available so that any visitor can easily find them. Make sure there are links to those pages in the body of several pages. On every title tag on your site, make sure that your brand name appears in a prominent place right at the end. And make sure, especially if you're someone who wishes to be associated with more than just one kind of merchandise, that on every page to do each kind of merchandise, you specify somehow that your brand is to be associated that particular product. If for instance you wish to be associated in the customer's mind with great coffee and also doughnuts, make sure that you have the end of each page, you brand name along with the word coffee – on all the coffee pages.

Domain stacking is very new today. And it is evolving. For now, these are great tips to run with. But check back regularly, do.

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