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3 Tips on Buying Lanyards For Schools

Lanyards for schools can be a great idea, both for students as well as staff and faculty members. When you think about lanyards for schools, they are usually the same plain and boring ones used for carrying identification cards for everyone.  It does not have to be that way. Some guidance can help you make lanyards fun and useful for everybody as well as give them a personalized touch. Here are three tips for lanyards for school:

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1. Factor in The Wearers of The Lanyards

When buying lanyards for school, you need to factor in the people who are going to wear them. It is a good idea to choose different colors for the students and faculty so as to provide a distinguishing marker for everyone.

2. It Is a Good Opportunity for Branding and Marketing

Branding lanyards can serve as a promotional tool for your school. Branded lanyards allows students to show pride in their school as well as be used for marketing when worn at a particular school or sporting event. You can also earn money by selling customized lanyards.

3. Make Them Multi-Purpose

With the right attachment, lanyards can serve more than one purpose; the staff and students can use them to secure keys to lockers/ drawers rather than just ID cards. Also, providing lanyards for visitors is a good idea for security reasons on school open days and fundraising events to differentiate between them and the general school population.

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